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I ain’t gonna lie, I am sad.  REAL sad.  The kind of sad where you want to hole up on your couch with a six pack of Cherry Coke Zero and a truck load of Fudge Rounds.  You see I am a football fan.  And not just a football fan, but a University of Tennessee Football fan. This past weekend, they played and lost to one of the most annoying teams ever, The Florida Gators. It was an intense game full of all kinds of drama and emotion.  But in the end Tennessee fans were left with the reality that once again, those pesky Gators had chomped us. Continue reading

A Full Place Setting

Well here it is… I am officially becoming a Blogger.  I love to write and have heard so much encouragement from friends to start a blog. REALLY?  Why in the world would anyone care about anything I have to say?  But if my words bring any laughter, encouragement, or thought into your day then why not?   Now all you encouragers need to follow me.  🙂

So to give you the low down on me,  I am  40, single, and live in the same small town in the South that I grew up in, that recently was named the #3 place in the country that is horrible for singles to live in.  Sounds exciting right? Continue reading