Fa la la la UGHHHH

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year……” 



It is here once again. The dreaded Christmas season.

Now before you get all judgmental and start calling me names like Scrooge, and Grinch hear me out.

I LOVE the reason for the season.

The Virgin
The angel’s announcement
The Angelic host
The Shepherds
The Star
The Wisemen
The manger
The Baby
The Messiah

I HATE what it has become.

Spending money you don’t have
Rushed and hurried

Each year I find myself becoming more and more bitter and cynical towards the season.  Just like Cindy Lou Whoo in the movie How The Grinch Stole Christmas, I am left standing looking out at the world and screaming,

Where Are You Christmas?!?!?!?!?!??

Where did we go wrong with the true meaning?  When did I grow so cynical and cranky about the holidays?

Hard as I try…. I just can’t be jolly.

The time of year when there is supposed to be peace and goodwill, is the time I feel most bitter, anxious, and sad.

My decorations seem gaudy and weak compared to some…. Why is decorating always a contest? Does it really matter that my tree is 4ft tall, I don’t have 10,000 strands of lights blinking, and my house is not filled with fresh pine or homemade decorations I saw on Pintrest?

I ALWAYS receive way more then I can physically give. It absolutely kills me that friends and family are so generous.  I wish I could indulge and shower all my loved ones with the things they desire and deserve.  Sadly I can’t and all too often I feel like my meager gifts are unintentionally  judged or tossed aside.

The hustle and bustle exhausts and frustrates me and comes close to pushing me over the edge of my sanity.  This past weekend I went shopping and wanted desperately to clamp down on a cyanide tablet to put myself out of the misery.  People are rude and pushy, and that in turn makes me rude and pushy. I HATE that, because I am not a rude and pushy person.  People rush to make sure that they are the first to get out Christmas cards, and Christmas letters.  I love receiving them and reading them, but seriously… where do you find the time or the energy?!?!?!?!

Even the Hallmark movies frustrate me.  Just once I would like to see a realistic ending….  The girl and guy don’t always get together, the family is FAR from perfect, and how about ditching the snow!  Don’t get me wrong, I fall right into their trap and get sucked in each time I see one, but come on!  At least throw in an ugly sweater somewhere in one of those movies, and maybe a guy who could lose 10 lbs. and a gal with some frizz in her hair.

The whole commercialism of the season makes me dizzy.

Buy now, pay later.
Buy early, save more.
Give more, so you can be given more.
Take care of the old and needy, cause this is the time of year it matters.


My attitude pretty much was crappy…. until yesterday.

Over the weekend I found a cd my family loved at Christmas each year.


Nostalgia took over and I quickly purchased the CD and couldn’t wait to get to the car to pop it in.

Oh the memories! My mother, sister, and I would listen to this for hours as we drove to our various activities and outings. We sang along just like we were Sandi Patti herself.  Within seconds of placing it in the cd player I was quickly transported back to 1984… Good times!

As I listened to each song, my heart became more full. Then suddenly, without warning, a song came on that I was very familiar with, but had totally forgotten was on this particular album.  As I listened to the words of Bethlehem Morning I suddenly became convicted about my attitude.

Bethlehem morning
Is more then just a memory
For the child who was born there
Has come to set us free
Bethlehem sunrise
I can see it in your eyes.
For the child that was born there
His spirit NEVER dies

It is the next few lines of the song that after 30 years I actually heard and let sink in for the very first time.

His star will never,
Will NEVER grow dim
And it’s a brand new dawn
A new Jerusalem
And we, and we will reign
We will reign with Him
For the Child that was born there,
Is the King of Kings
And Lord of Lords,
And He will come again.

Christmas, no matter how we as a society stray from it’s truth, will NEVER lose it’s meaning. The star that shined on that night and into that first morning, still shines bright today. We try to dim it with all of the hustle and bustle, but it is STILL there.

HE is STILL here.

The baby. Born as a gift from God. A gift that would live and give FOREVER. A gift that would save man from not just from the world, but from himself.

Even though I may become disenchanted with the Christmas of this day, it hasn’t gone anywhere. My attitude should not be one of frustration, or bitterness.  But rather JOY, and EXILERATION!

I have a Savior! His name is JESUS!

Regardless of what you believe or do not believe, His birth CANNOT be refuted.

His star will NEVER grow dim.

The problem lies within me.

I CHOSE to become bitter.
I CHOSE to let the madness and chaos of the season distract me.
I CHOSE to harden my heart to the joy of the season.
I CHOSE to make it about ME.

Christmas hasn’t gone anywhere…it is STILL here.

I spent so much time being angry with others for not remembering the true meaning, that I took my eyes off the Star myself, and stopped searching for the manger and the baby laying within it.

So friends…. once again this writer has been humbled and had her perspective changed.

Christmas is a celebration alright, but not the kind the world tells me it is. No. It is the celebration of God’s PERFECT gift.

It is up to me to fully accept His gift, and to celebrate it.

Isn’t it wonderful when the clouds are lifted and the Star shines bright?

Please treat yourself to Sandi Patti below…. Merry Christmas!


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