2015 Through My iPhone

Am I the only one who gets emotional watching all the sappy end of the year montages on TV?

Each year at the same time, everyone starts reflecting on the past year and all the events that have happened.

The accomplishements
The loses
The wonderful
The tragic

Everything summed up nice and neat in a 5-7 minute video clip.

Watching one this evening, got me feeling nostalgic myself.  I started thinking about 2015 and all that happened and  all I had experienced.

As I was remembering specific events,I grabbed my iPhone to look at some of the memories captured this past year, and it quickly dawned on me that I had my own yearly montage.

2015 has been filled with many adventurous memories.

I have learned:

1.  That God is far from finished with me.  He has BIG plans for me and I can’t wait to see what they are!
2. I am stronger then I think
3. Forgiveness is freeing
4. People will think what they want about me, and I am ok with that.
5. Blessings don’t always come in big flashy packages

 Not everything has been sunshine and roses this past year. There was some disappointments and heartbreak, but there was also a lot of love, laughs, and adventure.

How perfect that my iPhone could make my own year end review.  🙂

Here is my 2015 as seen through my iPhone

It rang in with lots of promise with my favorite people

Hello 2015


Right off the bat 2015 hit me fast and hard when I turned the BIG 40 just 25 days into the new year.  My sister threw me a totally awesome retro surprise party at the local Bowling alley with all my favorite people. The love I felt sending me into my 40th year was humbling and overwhelming.

Hello 40!


The end of Jan/Feb brought my two favorite yearly events: The Rodeo and Demolition Derby.  Yep, I’m a redneck folks!  Don’t judge until you have been to either of these events. These events are back to back weekends, and we keep our calendar clear all year for them.  We laugh hard, and forget the stresses of the outside world. We yell, scream, and cheer, and maybe get a little wild.  One day I am going to rope me a good looking cowboy, or at the very least a hottie demolition driver not named Bubba.

February brought the snow.  I HATE snow.  For three solid weeks we had the white stuff constantly coming down.  For those of you who are new here… I live in the SOUTH.  We don’t do snow.


March started cold and rough, but soon brought in warm weather, Girl Scout Cookies, Peeps, and a surprise party for our favorite Park Ranger.

The month of April was the University of Tennessee’s Spring Orange and White game. I was BEYOND thrilled to be in Neyland Stadium breathing the same air as Peyton Manning.  It was a fun day…. even if we just missed the cut off for getting on the field to meet Coach Jones and the players.  We were told it was supposed to rain all day…. like end of the world monsoon rains. I ended up with a sunburn.  Good times.  We are going to make Taylor a football fan yet!

May was warm and filled with a Mother’s Day cookout, my favorite BBQ, a fun night out with my Mom and her besties, and a knitting lesson that still hasn’t produced anything.

June came in hot and humid! We celebrated Mom’s birthday in the Chimney’s, Ellie hung out with her Aunt Lauren and Charleston, I ate lots of fresh veggies, my favorite restaurant closed without telling me, and Cucumber Melon made it’s glorious return to Bath and Body works!

July was especially busy and fun.  There was our annual July 4th celebration, lunch with Lauren, a hopeful text from mom, LOTS of Dunkin Iced coffee, tears watching our recruitment center being guarded, and the Swon Brothers!

August was long walks by the lake in the evenings, eating donuts the size of my face, my BFF turning the Big 4-0, Family fun at Panther Creek, and the beginning of my hat modeling.

September had low country boils, lazy days laying in the grass, evenings on the lake, campfires, and Greek Fest!

October finally brought cooler weather, Apples galore,  Fall festivals, hay rides, beautiful colored trees, fun hikes with friends, and Halloween!

November began with it being  dark at 5pm, going on epic hikes with friends in 20 degree weather and gale force winds, finding the old hiker’s tunnel and checking it off my bucket list, fun outings with my fur baby, Thanksgiving at Sarah, and Aaron’s, and hiking part of the AT.

December had my favorite day in it, Free Hot Fudge cake day! There were Christmas trees, Christmas shirts, Star Wars, a second PAL’S, crocheted socks, lots of presents, dolls from Santa, and my beautiful baby in front of a tree.

Of course my favorite pictures by far are the ones of me and Ellie! She is my faithful and loyal companion, BEST friend, snuggle buddy, entertainment, and all around cutie. God knew I needed her, and that she needed me. This year I have slowly noticed she is showing her age of 13 years. While I makes me sad, I am grateful for her love each and every day! She has taught me to live each day to the fullest, that walks are mandatory, and naps are always needed.

So there you have it… my 2015 as captured by my iPhone.  Each person, event, and place captured are my greatest blessings.  Sometimes I feel like George Baily in It’s A Wonderful Life. Life gets to me and I get discouraged, but then I look at these wonderful memories and I realize the phrase at the end of that movie rings so true….

My cup runneth over with so many blessings. Thank you 2015, and here is to 2016 and all the possibilities that lie ahead!

Happy New Year!!!!!!


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