Free At Last!

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Life After Blogs

Your life without a computer: what does it look like?
  Lo! Men have become the tools of their tools. ~Henry David Thoreau 

Thoreau summed up today’s prompt perfectly with the above quote.  We have become so attached to our computers and electronic devices, that we feel completely useless and lost without them.

Example: I work in a small office where I am within shouting distance to three people, my boss being one of them.  Today I needed to know some information for a project he asked me to do.  Instead of taking the time to walk the 10-15 steps to get to his office and ask him in person, I typed it and sent it in an email.

Seriously?  I couldn’t saunter over to his door, stick my head in and ask my question, get my answer, and be back at my desk all in under a minute? No. I typed out an email, that he finally received and read 10 minutes later.

These genius devices, that are supposed to make our lives more convenient, and faster, in reality make us sluggish, and dare I say it?  Anti-social.

Computers are no longer limited to our desks at work or at home. Now you can have access to anything you need via a laptop, tablet, or smart phone.  You see it everywhere you go: The mall, the coffee shop, your favorite restaurant, EVEN Walmart offers free Wi-Fi while you are in the midst of retail hell.

A few evenings ago, my BFF and I went to a small restaurant in our town. We talk everyday, but you sit us in a booth with flowing coffee, and mounds of food, and we can sit for hours just talking. Usually about nothing of importance, but we actually speak. To each other.

As I happened to glance over at the table next to us, the couple seated there made me almost choke on my French fries.  One had a laptop working away, and the other was spending time on a shiny new iPad.  I watched for several minutes, and no words or glances where ever exchanged. I suddenly became sad and felt overwhelming sorry for the couple. They have become such slaves to their computer and electronic devices they could not even enjoy a simple dinner out.

Oh to have a world without these glorious, yet all consuming devices! How different we would be. How FREE we would be. Free to leave the office at night without worrying about emails and webinars. Free to spend time with our loved ones….actually talking. Free to go out in the world and explore. And free to gather knowledge the old fashioned way….

You dig for it!Read a book.  Ask questions. Inquire with others. Start a discussion. Then maybe we can finally say we are:





3 thoughts on “Free At Last!

  1. I’m a sensitive soul, I’d feel terribly sad as well, I just don’t see why we’re made to feel old and out of touch for shunning Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkden etc, ‘they’ call it socialising for earth’s sake. I fear come age 66 many will cry at the years they’ve wasted socialising via Text, unless you’re on Tinder of course, log on, sexual encounter the same night, log on sexual encounter the next night, log on……………… (Btw I’m only joking, Tinder sounds like a place called Hell, I think 😀

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