Mud, Old Cars, Bubba, and Me

Daily Prompt

Saturday Night
Tell us about the most exciting big night out you had recently.

My big night out, can be summed up in two very simple words:

Beatin’ and Bangin’

Most of the time I am a reserved and well cultured Southern Belle, but I can go from Scarlett O’Hare to Daisy Duke in about 7.5 seconds. I love the theatre, the symphony, and even the occasional opera, but I also love cars, and mud, and redneck boys.

This weekend is a BIG weekend.  It is my town’s annual Indoor Demolition Derby.  This is where 10-15 cars get placed in a dirt filled pit and beat and bang each other until one car is left running.

I know several of you are shaking your head, asking, “Why?”, my mother and sister, being among you.  The only answer I can give is….WHY NOT?

I am not going to lie, I get a thrill and rush when those engines start humming and the lady in the booth shouts, “Drivers Ready!” The first bang from the first hit almost takes my  breath away, and then there is just pure pandemonium down in the pit. Cars are crashing, tires and fenders are being flung in the air, smoke is pouring out of dragging tailpipes.  Awesome.

This goes on for several rounds, until  the winner from each qualifying event is set, and we are ready for the main event. But before that happens there is a fun surprise….

They bring out the lawnmowers! As if the cars were not exciting enough, these lawnmowers take thrill up to a whole new level.  Trust me friend, you have not lived until you have seen a John Deere, and a Kawasaki go at it.

I know it is not a grand night out to the theatre or some over priced fancy restaurant, or a rocking club, but is good ole redneck, family, cheap fun.  That is what I love about living in the South. We don’t have to have much to have fun. When there isn’t much around to do, we create our own fun.



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