Born To Shine

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Naked with Black Socks

Are you comfortable in front of people, or does the idea of public speaking make you want to hide in the bathroom? Why?

My mom loves to tell the story of her first parent teacher conference with my 1st grade teacher Mrs. Nelson.  She went in with the expectation of hearing that her first born was crushing in it in the 1st grade and she came out knowing something she already knew, but sadly, my teacher had discovered as well.  During the meeting, Mrs. Nelson proceeded to tell my mother I was the most social child she had ever met. While most parents might take this as a compliment, my mother knew my teacher was just being diplomatic. What she was actually trying to say was…..


It is true.  I have the gift of gab.  From the time I spat out my first words, I fell in love with talking. Mrs. Nelson learned early on in the school year about my talent. Ever since, it has been both a blessing and a curse.

While I am an extrovert, I am by no way conceited or showy. I just genuinely love chatting it up.  I have so many opinions, ideas, and thoughts that I have to share. From an early age, I learned how to take command of a room and make them my audience.

I can’ remember a time when I have been anxious or nervous speaking in front a group of people. It just comes natural. It thrills me to be in a large group and know that my words are being heard.  When it came to group projects, I was always the one who volunteered to do the presentation. I thrived on it. Totally weird I know.

Even now as a 41 year old grown woman, I love getting up and speaking. Somehow it makes me feel valued and important. I am an odd bird I know, but that’s ok. That is what makes me, me. So if you ever need a speech read in public, and don’t want to do it, just give me call…. I’m your girl!

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