Valentine’s-Han’s Style

Ahhh, Valentine’s Day.  The day set aside for love and romance. It comes each and every February whether we are ready for it or not.  I am single and this seems to be one of the designated days of the year that people like to point out your singleness.  The other days being New Years Eve, Your 40th Birthday, and Any time you go to a wedding.

I am not going to lie, Being single on Valentine’s used to get to me. All the girls getting their roses, and boxes of chocolates delivered…. just made me feel left out, and like I wanted to slash a few tires. I would go home and spend the evening with my BFF Little Debbie, and drown my sorrows in a two liter of cherry coke.

But after a while, I came to realize that Little Debbie was starting to get a little clingy (especially to my thighs and stomach), and I had to dissolve our relationship. Seriously, one can only sit at home in yoga pants and their Dylan McKay t-shirt from high school for only so long. It was time to stop feeling sorry for myself.  I love my life as single, and the fact that this one day was getting me down was starting to irritate me.

So I decided to look at in a whole new light. Instead of reflecting on what I didn’t have, I would use this day to be grateful for what DO have.

Regardless of my relationship status, I AM loved.

I am loved by a mother who has always stood by my side.

I am loved by a sister, who I don’t always agree with, but who would drop everything if I called.

I am loved by my fur baby, Ellie, who is my constant loyal companion, and who could care less about how many Little Debbie’s I consume, as long as she gets a few.

I am loved by friends who put up with my annoying, random ideas. When I suggest we do something normal folks wouldn’t do, they always reply, “Let’s do it!”

And I am loved by a Great Big God, who has NEVER left me, even when I have cursed Him. The blessings He has bestowed upon me are many. In each and every area of my life, His fingerprints are all over me. There have been days when I was just grateful for the very breath I was taking, and I still knew it was Him who gave it to me.

Many laugh and don’t understand my deep love for God.  They don’t get how His love can be enough. “Don’t you want a real love? A love you can touch?”

Oh friend! There is NO more real, truer love , then the love of God the Father.

“Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love.” Jeremiah 31:3

Time and time again He has proven that verse to me. I have denied Him, cursed Him, forgotten about Him, hurt Him, shamed Him, and humiliated Him, and NEVER once did He forget about His love for me.

I don’t always make the wisest choices, and I admit it, at times I am hard to love. I am mouthy, stubborn, moody, quick to anger, and always in need of the last word. But despite it all, God blesses me. When everyone else avoids me, He is there, sitting patiently for me to approach Him.

While I may never fully understand His reasoning’s, I know that everything He does is for my good.  Every blessing I have is from Him. If tomorrow I woke up and all I had was me and Him, that would be enough.

So friend, I may be single, but I am FAR from alone.  My life is full.  Full of love. Full of laughs. Full of adventure. Full of memories.  Full of blessings.  I chose to realize how loved I am instead of dwelling on the love the world tells me I am missing.

This Valentines I will spend with friends, eating rich food, and probably going on some silly adventure. Now if Adam Levine, or Clay Matthews were to come along I would totally ditch my friends on Valentines, but for now, I think they are safe.  🙂


Until that time…………….





3 thoughts on “Valentine’s-Han’s Style

  1. Okay Jess, you have to know that I am not writing this because you have complimented me. I am absolutely convinced that you must write a book. You are so relatable, witty and so self-deprecating that it makes people love you without even knowing you. I have already told my girlfriend about you. You have a gift, a true gift from God. This post, again was funny, and inspiring. Has anyone else told you this? I know that I cannot be the first.

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