Mum’s The Word

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Evasive Action

While I will never divulge a secret entrusted to me, I have a kept a few to myself that I hold on to tight.

What would happen if I shared it?

Would you think me strange? Laughable? Weak? Ignorant?

I have kept a secret for close to a year, that not many close to me know. It is not a bad secret. There is no drama, no danger, no harm in my keeping it. I just haven’t felt like sharing, because the majority of folks in my inner circle, while wonderful loving people, just won’t it. While they will offer words of support and encouragement, they won’t truly understand, and sometimes that is even more painful then rejection.

A few months ago, I met a group of people who fully understood my secret. They knew the fears I had, the pain in keeping it to myself, and the relief I would feel once I shared it.

You see, I plan on quitting my job in February of 2018, put my whole life on hold, strap everything I will need on my back, and walk from Georgia to Maine.  If you are like most people you have this look on your face:

That is the look my friends and family have as well. They don’t understand why I want to spend 5-6 months walking 2,168 miles, carrying my worldly belongings on my back. They may never understand, but I can’t keep such news to myself forever.  They would probably get suspicious if I didn’t show up to Sunday dinner that first weekend.

My secret is not yet fully out. Several have no idea of my intentions to hike the Appalachian Trail.  For now, I need to get used to the idea myself. However, I know that there will be great relief and less anxiety once it is fully out.

For now.. I guess mums the word…. You won’t say anything will you?  🙂

4 thoughts on “Mum’s The Word

  1. It honestly doesn’t matter whether anyone “gets it” or not. If you feel called to do something, then you must do it. I think for most of us, when we feel that call to do or be something out of the norm, others, who don’t understand, will try to discourage us, so, in those cases, it is best to hide it in your heart, and guard your secret, until it comes to fruition. I pray God blesses your walk, and that you accomplish all that you are called to do.

    Many blessings to you,

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