Must Change Attitude

If you haven’t already noticed, I have a slight obsession with the artist Mary Engelbreit.  Her cheery drawings and witty quotations just speak to me.  It also doesn’t hurt that one of the main characters she periodically draws is a cute little redhead that looks like me.  🙂


Needless to say I have her art work displayed everywhere.  Seeing it makes me smile, and at times helps keep my perspective in check. Which is exactly what happened today.

It is Friday, it is the first WARM day we have had in a while, and I have fun plans to hike up in the mountains this weekend. I should have come into work skipping this morning, right?


I didn’t sleep well last night, I have been fighting a cold for days, and the line at the Dunkin Donuts this morning was so long, I had to leave WITHOUT my nonfat Hazelnut latte. Things were off to a rocky start.

Once I came to work, my mood was not persuaded to change any.  The hustle and bustle of the day was just not something I felt I could face.  There was too much activity, and I just wanted to get my work done in peace. However, no one seemed obliged to help me out. Crap was loaded on my desk, emails kept coming, and the phone kept ringing for the shipping office who seemed to not be answering their line.

Normally I bring my lunch and don’t wander to far on my break. If I leave it makes it so much harder to go back. I would rather work, and just go home. Today, however, it is GORGEOUS out and I needed to run to Walmart, so I ventured out.

Walmart only soured my mood, and clearly everyone driving felt the need to meander along, and I was slowly losing my cool. Until… I went to McDonalds.

The fact I went is odd. I am not a big fast food eater, and if I do it is NOT McDonalds, but sometimes you just have to drown your funk in greasy French fries. Today was that day.  As I pulled up to the drive thru a beat up SUV was in front of me. I noticed how it sputtered each time the driver moved it.

“GREAT! No this piece of junk is going to break down in front of me!”

The driver proceeded to order their food and drive around. I ordered my $1.99 heart attack and proceeded along as well. What greeted me at the window, I was NOT prepared for.

The cashier had tears in her eyes and was clearly in some kind of emotional distress. I was sure the thug in front of me driving the clunker had said something terribly ugly to her. However, she looked at me through those tear filled eyes and informed me,

“The lady in front of you has paid for your meal. She says to tell you God loves you, and is praying you will have a blessed day.”


Here I was thinking only about myself and all the unimportant things going on, and this person, a complete stranger, someone I was grumbling about in my head, did something for me that I could not repay.

Having my meal paid for was nice, but the message behind it is what truly blessed me. This lady, who didn’t seem to have much, wanted to provide a meal for  me, and remind me that I am LOVED by a gracious God. While I know this with ever fiber of my being, sometimes just hearing someone say it is like hearing it for the first time and gives me chills.

The cashier and I had a good cry together. I think she was just as blessed as I was. I cheerfully paid for the car behind me, and told her to tell them the same message. I also informed her, that she too was loved.

As I went back to work, more humbled then when I left, I sat at my desk and the first thing I see is a picture on my computer that I see 100000 times a day.

Clearly I have become immune to the message, and God saw I needed a major attitude change today.

So many times I go through my day, thinking only of myself. Not the people around me. I spend time being aggravated by the actions of others, that I fail to notice how grossly selfish own actions are. I am called to love. Unconditionally. God clearly tells me:

So I end today humble. Reminded that I am loved by a Great Big God despite being a selfish, grumbling, grouch.  Who knew I could learn that by going through the McDonald’s Drive thru?  I am definitely Loving it!  🙂



3 thoughts on “Must Change Attitude

  1. Ever thought of being a Christian comedienne? You really make me laugh and then you come with some poignant messages. What a blessing that God takes time to show us ourselves. Yes, sometimes we need an attitude adjustment! I love the artwork you share because it makes me smile and get you. Thanks for sharing this, Jess!

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    • Thank you! I love to laugh! I can honestly find humor in everything. I like to think God has a sense of humor too. He had to be laughing when He created me. 😂 I have been through ALOT of ugly in life (most of my own doing) but God has helped me use each ugly to find something beautiful about Him. Even if it makes us both laugh sometimes. I LOVE Mary Engelbreit’s art. I became obsessed with it in college. I literally have it EVERYWHERE. She provides me a lot of inspiration.

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