Life Is Just So Daily!

dailyYesterday was one of those days where I wish I had just stayed in bed. Surely you know the day I am talking about.

You get up late. You go downstairs to fix a cup of coffee only to find that you forgot to pick up any yesterday on your way home.


You hop in the shower only to have the power go out.


Off to work you go with your hair sopping wet and it is 30 degrees outside and snowing. You looked like you slept in your clothes because you were to lazy to iron them the night before, and with the power out this morning you just ran out of luck.


Once you get on your way, you decide that there is NO way are you going to  make it through the day without coffee. A pit stop at Dunkins it is. Upon pulling into Dunkin you notice there are 10 cars in the drive thru and no one in the lobby. You are short on time, so you wisely make the decision to go inside to get your caffeine fix. However, your least favorite cashier is working the counter today. You know, the GRUMPY one whom you are pretty sure spits in your coffee each morning. Today she takes great pleasure in taking your order and giving it to the “new kid” to fix. What should have been a 2-3 minute stop has now turned into 15 minutes. How hard is it to pour a cup of coffee!!!!????   As you grab your Joe and head out the door you notice the drive-thru is now empty.

Of course it is.

You now have 5 minutes to make the rest of your 8 minute commute to work. As you pour on the speed you get stopped by the first red light. Then the second. Finally the third.


Somehow you make it to work on time. As you grab all your crap to head inside you realize the front door to the office is still locked. No problem. You have a key. Of course you are too lazy to lay everything down, so juggle all the junk into one hand to unlock the door. In doing so, you realize you forgot all about the coffee in your hand and it falls to the ground in a violent rage. You now have no coffee, because it is now on the wrinkled white shirt you are wearing.


You drag your wrinkled and now coffee stained self inside the door and to your desk. Once situated, you begin looking through your emails. At first you don’t see any and you think your day is starting to look up, until you realize you aren’t connected to the server. Once connected you have 120 screaming emails that all need to be answered 5 minutes ago.


You make it to lunch, only to discover that in the chaos of the morning you didn’t make it to the office with the lunch you prepared the night before. You panic and rummage through your desk and thankfully find a pack of pop tarts that you are pretty sure you brought with you on your first day almost 2 years ago.

Oh well, gotta eat.

5 pm finally comes and you can’t get out the door fast enough. You are hungry, cranky, and stinky from the coffee you’ve been wearing all day. You make your way home to get ready for your Zumba class.  You begrudgingly make your way to class, only to discover you not only shake your booty, but you also shake out three dryer sheets that had someway attached themselves to your leggings.

At this point, WHO CARES?!?!?!

FINALLY you go home. Exhausted. Hungry, and now leaking the smells of coffee and sweat combined. You shower, and place your sad, tired body in the bed. Before you drift off you remember you didn’t by any coffee today, so you’ll have to make it to Dunkin again in the am. You didn’t iron your clothes for tomorrow either, but you should be ok. You’ll have plenty of time to do all that tomorrow.

I mean, what could possibly go wrong.

Just another typical Thursday y’all.  Can I get an AMEN?



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