Secret Treats

Daily Prompt

I am in a committed relationship with Little Debbie’s. From an early age, I became obsessed. Fudge Rounds, Nutty Bars, Oatmeal Crème Pies, Cherry Cordials, and those cute little tree cakes they do at Christmas. I LOVE them ALL.

My obsession started early and has stayed strong up through adult hood. There have been times I was pretty sure I might need counseling or some kind of psycho therapy to help me.  Is there a support group I can join?  Every time I try to kick the habit I see that box with Little Debbie’s smiling face.  Calling to me. Mocking Me.

Where did this obsession come from? What occurred in my life that made clingy to a snack cake? For years I struggled with  LDA (Little Debbie Addiction) alone. Could no one understand the struggle?

My struggle went on with no answers until the death of my grandmother 18 years ago. As we said our good-byes and began the process of going through her room, we were overcome with our sadness and grief.

Until we started going through the drawers of her dresser.

Suddenly my LDA had an origin! It was inherited! For stuffed in almost EVERY drawer of my grandmother’s dresser were Little Debbie Snack Cakes!

PRAISE BE!  It all finally made sense!

I no longer felt alone in my addiction. While my grandmother and I shared many similar traits and bonds, this is my favorite. I can picture her now, closing the door to her room at night, taking a tasty cake from her hidden stash, and relaxing in her rocking chair, reflecting on the long day. Never knowing that down the hall, her granddaughter was doing the same thing.

Life is too short to cheat yourself. While it is important to eat healthy and get plenty of exercise, I am a firm believer that sometimes you just need to unwind with a good ole Fudge Round.

So, I no longer look as my obsession as an addiction, but more of a family trait. A cherished family trait. If you ever come to visit, I’ll be sure to share a few Nutty Bars with you, however, don’t you DARE open my dresser drawers!

Those are mine! 🙂


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