I’ll Be Right There!

Daily Prompt

There are two things they say are inevitable: Death and Taxes. However my friends and family know there is a third item to add to the list.

Jessica’s Tardiness

It is a horrible, selfish, but inevitable reality.  I am forever late.

Now before you get all judgmental on me….. hear me out.

I don’t MEAN to be late.  It just happens. ALOT.

The exception being, I am never late for work.  I guess that is my saving grace in this story.  Maybe. Come on! Give me a break!

Honestly, who sets out to ALWAYS be late? Who wants to be known as “THAT guy”? I really and truly have the best of intentions when going somewhere.  I make sure I have ample time. I plan accordingly. So where do I go wrong? What is the cause of my tardiness?

I am easily distracted.

I will be in the middle of a great book, and it is right when Miss Marple is getting ready to announce who the murderer is….. and….. I just CAN’T leave without knowing who did it.

Or, I will notice I have a lot of frizz or craziness to my hair and I set out to redo it, and that doesn’t help, so I re-wash it and then re-style it, and… you get the idea.

Sometimes I take Ellie out real quick before I am off to meet someone for dinner, and I see a neighbor and end up having a 30 minute conversation.

Occasionally, one of those really intense beach rescue shows comes on the Justice Network, and I get sucked right into the drama of little Suzie’s dramatic rescue from a rip tide.

Just last Saturday on the way to meet friends for dinner, I noticed an out of date container of yogurt in my fridge and thus had to clean out the WHOLE refrigerator before I left the house.

My intentions are good….just warped.

What is sad, I is I just don’t get distracted at just at home. A couple weeks ago, I was meeting some friends I used to work with for lunch. I was determined to be on time…. early even. I left the house a whole hour early. The place we were eating was near the mall, so I thought instead of being a whole hour early, I will go the mall and browse around. Of course some little man was demonstrating this really cute and durable knife set, so I had to stand and watch.  I ended up being 10 minutes late.

I know that sometimes I frustrate my friends and family, but by and by they have come to realize that I while I am frustrating, I am still loveable. While, irritating, I am still fabulous.  I am forever grateful for their understanding of my  unfortunate issue with time.

So death is sure to come to us all. Taxes are going to have to be paid each and every year. And if you and I ever have coffee together…..just know I am probably going to be 5 minutes late.



10 thoughts on “I’ll Be Right There!

  1. I don’t think you are actually late. It is much more likely that your time is on a different space-time continuum and is constantly being reset…………see, not a problem! the fact that you get ethere at all is absolutely amazing in the circumstances!

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  2. Haha! If I *try* to get out the house quickly of a morning I can do it in about 20 minutes. If I don’t try and just go with the flow it takes me 2 hours. I think Suze could be right!

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