Embrace The Suck


This weekend was rough. Don’t get me wrong… It was wonderful, but it was rough. It started VERY early Saturday morning.

3:45 am to be exact.

You see, I have suddenly become an obsessive hiker, and if you want to hit the trail with me, you need to have your rump out of the bed early and ready to be on the trail by 6:45.  7:30 at the latest. Or 8:15 if you get lost going to the trailhead like I did this past weekend. 🙂

I love being the first to venture on a trail in the morning. The sun literally looks as if it is raising up out of the ground, as it comes up over the mountains.

Then, it slowly creeps through the trees and lights the trail

Sometimes the trail is smooth and level.

But most of times…. it is not. 😦


Sometimes the weather is perfect and the trail, though hard, is manageable.

Then sometimes, you have to deal with crappy conditions to get to your final destination.

You sweat. You huff. You puff. You cry. And sometimes you get so frustrated and tired you want to quit.

But you keep pressing on.  Pushing through pain. Forgetting that your either very hot or freezing to death you keep moving up. Higher and higher… until you FINALLY reach your destination. And then…….

You see it…..

The most stunning and gorgeous view you have EVER seen.

All at once you realize the early morning. The harsh conditions. The heat. The cold. The continuous rocky climbs…. they don’t seem as difficult anymore. They are forgotten about as you realize what you just accomplished.

Life is like a hike.

If you want to accomplish something, more then likely you are going to have to get up.  Nothing was ever accomplished by sleeping in or hanging out on your couch.

The journey might start out ok…but eventually you may experience some rocky, steep climbs. And maybe some crappy weather. That might slow you down, but that is no cause to sit life out.

Life can get difficult at times. REAL difficult. So hard in fact, you don’t know sometimes if you can continue the journey. The path you are on seems too hard. Too many obstacles lie in your way making the journey ever harder. Other’s pass you by at lightening speed leaving you behind. The journey seems like it is NEVER going to end.

But press on my friend. It’s not about speed or perfection. It’s not about being first, or even how your perform.

It IS about continuing on, even when you don’t want to.  It IS about never giving up, even though that seems easier. But most importantly, it IS about what is waiting for you at the end.

Don’t give up. EVER. Keep trudging through.

Those obstacles in your way?  Climb over them.

Those slick, rocky, and dangerous patches? Put on your best smile, slow your pace,  and make your own fun…. even if you fall flat on your rump you will survive!

If you need too…. take a break. It’s ok. The rest might do you good. But don’t sit so long you don’t get back up.

Embrace the suck.

I promise you.. it is temporary.  And when you get there….


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