Sister Sister

Daily Prompt

Have you ever received a gift you never asked for?

At first you think, “Ok, that’s pretty cool.”

Later on you ask yourself, “Wonder what I could trade this in for?”

In September of 1978 I received such a gift.  I was 3.5 years old and didn’t realize it at the time, but I would be stuck with this gift for the rest of my life.

My parents brought home a baby they called Sarah,  and told me I was now a Big sister.

“Thanks, but couldn’t I just have an ice cream cone?”

She was cute and all, but she was also loud. She smelled. And she took ALL of my mom’s attention.


While not totally thrilled, I learned to adapt, and yes, eventually, even I fell in love with the Brat.

Not very long after she was born, our parents divorced my mother moved the three of us in with my Grandmother. While, the thought of living at Grandmother’s was cool at first, the party quickly ended when I was forced to share a room with my baby sister.


I was VERY dramatic…even at 4 years old. 🙂

It became quiet clear early on that Sarah and I were VERY different.

She was neat and tidy, and I tended to have stuff strewn all through the house.

She liked structure and routine, where I was more chaotic.

She got the nice, tan, blond, long and lean body features , and height, while I was pale with fair skin, short legs and arms, and stubby fingers and toes.

Sarah is creative and artsy, while my attention span won’t allow me to focus on being creative for too long.

She loves to cook…..where I WILL totally botch boiling a pot of water.

She loves Barbara Streisand, show tunes, and folky music, where I am more classic rock, country, and bluegrass. (TRUST ME… this was a HUGE battle in our growing up years!)

She loves fashion and style, where if I comb my hair and brush my teeth before I leave the house each day I feel beautiful.

She loves to run 40-50 miles in one day, where I like to sit in the crowd eating my funnel cake cheering her on.

She thrives on serving nice fancy dinners and entertaining, where I will be happy to get a decorative paper plate to share a pizza with you.

We both love hiking and being out in nature, but she prefers to come in and sleep in her warm soft bed each night, where I long to  sleep in my tent looking at the stars.

Opposites if ever there were a pair… even when our mother tried hard to make us look alike.  🙂

If we didn’t have contrasting personalities though, life growing up would not have been as fun. Our differences are what made for some pretty entertaining times.


We look different. Act nothing alike. Have contrasting opinions on almost EVERYTHING, but we love fiercely, and if ever I need her she’s the first one there.

She was my first roommate. My first fight. My BIGGEST fight. My first annoyance.

But she was also my first friend. My biggest fan. My first secret keeper.

Time has only increased the contrast. We have different interest. Different hobbies. Different goals. Different friends. Different priorities. However, despite our differences, we make it work.

So the gift I received when I was 3 and half, ended up being perfect. Different in every way, except in love.



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