Photography 101: Bliss

Most women find bliss in a pair of shoes, and I am no different.


The shoes that bring me bliss are my hiking boots.


Muddy boots after a 8 mile hike through snow, ice, and mud in the Smoky Mountains

When I have my boots on, I feel I can go anywhere. They take me up mountains, through valleys, across fields, through streams, and up over some rocks.

There is total freedom once I lace them up early before the sun comes up. Once they are on, I know adventure is not far off.


Taking a rest by one of the many gorgeous pools on Middle Prong Trail in Great Smoky Mountains.


These are my new boots I have had since Christmas. They just have a few miles on them right now, but by the end of the year they will hopefully have close to 200 on them, possibly even more.

Being outside and climbing mountains that seem impossible brings me peace, inspiration, and adventure. None of it could happen with out my boots.


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