The Battle

I am currently at war.

Each and every day it is the Battle of The Bulge….and I am not talking about the epic WWll battle.

If you have ever struggled with body or image issues you know exactly the war I am talking about.

One day you are looking through some pictures on Facebook or on your phone and your like “Who is THAT?”

The person looks familiar and like a stranger at the same time.  You squint at the picture only to realize in horror…..

It’s YOU!

Wow! When that happen? Do I REALLY look like that in a tank top?

Or maybe you are like me and find yourself sitting on your couch in the evening with a bowl of popcorn, a Little Debbie Brownie and bag of Skittles, watching the latest episode of the Biggest Loser.

Am I the ONLY one????????

What is frustrating is that I am not a terribly unhealthy eater, or all that lazy. My problem is I just like to eat.  ALL THE TIME!

So this year I resolved to eat better and get more active. Thankfully I have some friends who have resolved the same thing and we are doing pretty good at holding each other accountable, and staying active.

In January I took up Kickboxing.

Have you ever kickboxed?

It is brutal, relentless, never-ending pain.

I feel in love immediately.

The first night I went, I thought I was dressed appropriately, however once I walked in I could have easily thought I was in a fitness club in Los Angeles.  These were NOT normal women. Not a hair of out place. Make-up flawless. And I swear not a one of them produced a drop of sweat.  My friend and I looked out of place in our Walmart workout ensembles. Kind of  like the Beverly Hillbillies go to National Fitness.  I did the only thing I could think of

I acted like I was Rocky Balboa going up against the Russian in Rocky lV

I don’t think the others were amused.

You’ll be happy to know I have made some progress in my epic Battle of The Bulge. I have been faithful about cutting carbs, attending kickboxing  one night a week, and have also added Zumba 2 nights a week. Since the first of the year, I have dropped almost 10 lbs.

The struggle is real and it sucks. Why is way more fun to put on the weight then to take it off? I mean if I could burn calories laying on my couch reading a book, I would be so be a size 2.  Can someone please develop that kind of weight loss strategy for me?

So the war rages on. I am fighting hard. Some days I have great success. I think to myself,
I so got this”, then I walk into Lowe’s on a Saturday and see this….

Those pesky Girl Scouts selling their crack induced cookies.

I caved.

Don’t judge.

I won’t win every battle. But the war rages on, and I will continue to fight the good fight!


6 thoughts on “The Battle

  1. They’re is nothing wrong with caving for girl scout cookies considering I think they lace them with something stronger than crack. The key is only eating one or two a day to stave off cravings. Good job though. Believe me, I know how difficult it is to get in shape.

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