Well golly! I have one another award!!

imageThank you so much Georgie at Third Time Lucky  for nominating me! I have so loved reading about you and the adventures you take!  I take being nominated very seriously, and appreciate you thinking my Blog is something Lovely!  I am jumping for JOY over here!

One of the rules is share 7 facts about myself:

  • I talk constantly. Seriously. My 1st grade teacher told my mother I was the most sociable child she had ever met. That was her polite way of informing my mother that I never shut up.  I have never met a stranger, and can talk to you about anything.
  • I hate to cook. LOATHE it. My diet consists of cereal, popcorn, and anything I can microwave.
  • I am not a huge TV watcher, but when I do, I LOVE PBS!
  • I am a HUGE fan of all the Rocky movies. I am  reigning Champ on several online Rocky Trivia sites.  It’s a real thing. Don’t even attempt to stump me or challenge me.  You won’t win. I love the Italian Stallion.
  • I am single and LOVE it. However, secretly I am holding out until either Adam Levine from Maroon 5 or Clay Matthews from the Green Bay Packers propose. I don’t really care who gets to me first.  🙂



  • I taught Pre-K for almost 15 years. Even though I don’t teach anymore I am still most comfortable in a room full of 5 year olds. Adults are too complicated.
  • I have recently dedicated myself to accomplishing things I always said I would do, but keep putting off.  Life is short and I don’t want to leave this earth without having lived it to the fullest.
  • In March of 2018 I will be hiking the entire Appalachian Trail. 2,190 miles from Georgia to Maine.  (This is an extra fact… I added because it is pretty much consuming my life at this time)

So now it is time to nominate the Blogs I would like to bestow this award upon.

Mountain Dreaming because she is cool hiker girl like me. 🙂

Don’t You Forget About Me.. if you haven’t checked this Blog out yet… DO IT NOW!

Being Zingy If you are looking for a PHNOMENAL female Blogger that will inspire.. this is the blog for you.

New2Writing She writes some pretty creative stuff, and she’s a fellow redhead, so you know she’s awesome.  🙂

Redhead Reflections Very inspirational Blog!

If you want to join in, here are the rules.

You must thank the person who nominated you and link their blog in the post.

# You must include the rules and add the blog award badge as an image.

# You add 7 facts about yourself

# Then nominate at least 5 people and let them know by commenting on their blog






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