Dropping The Ball

Knitting.  Cross-stitching. Scrapbooking. Weight Watchers. Cooking.

This is just a short list of all things I started with gusto and dropped just as fervently.

Now before you get all judgmental on me, hear me out.

I REALLY do have the best of intentions. I don’t mean to drop the ball and leave things uncompleted. It’s just…. well…. it’s just I can’t sit still long enough to complete them.

I find sitting and focusing on just ONE thing for hours on end…. well…BORING. With the exception of reading, I just can’t physically sit still to complete a task. Somehow that skill never developed while I was growing up. The first 15-20 minutes I am ok, and then I start getting anxious and fidgety.

Can anyone out there relate?

My mind starts to drift to the 100 other things I could be doing with my time at that moment, and I get antsy. Then I get frustrated. Then I just simply can’t function.

Sometimes it is scary the way my brain works. There are days I wish that it would take a vacation.

Each Saturday I tell myself that I am going to spend the day doing nothing. A good book, a blanket, a hot cup of coffee, and my sofa are where I will spend my day. However, I will go to the shelf to retrieve my book and I will notice dust, so I will have to dust the shelf.  While I am dusting, I might as well get the table next to the bookshelf….

8 hours later I have somehow managed to go from picking a book off a bookshelf to breaking down my bed and cleaning out from under it, as well as re-arrange the guest room.

Where the crap did my weekend go?!?!?!?  All I wanted to do was read my book!!!!!!

So there you have it friends. I am a 41 year old who clearly has some attention issues. I start and stop at least 20 things a day, and clearly I drink WAY too much coffee to have the energy I have at times. It’s just who I am.

Now what was I doing before I started writing this???????????????????

Daily Prompt


9 thoughts on “Dropping The Ball

      • i have a box from 1982 with a 1/3 completed afghan, one from 1993 with a blouse (size 10…i am now a 16) that I failed to sew, one from 2003 with a cut out quilt…never pieced together……you are NOT alone. lol

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      • I have a sweat shirt I started cross-stitching a pattern on in 1985 when I was 10. I got the first 20 stitches in and stopped. I have started knitting a dish cloth about 15 times in 15 different colors. The struggle is real. I like keeping it though. Just can’t part with it. 🙂

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