Faithful Friend

So today the Daily Prompt has issued the word Friend. It did not take long for me to escape to the scrapbook in my mind.  My 41 years have been filled with countless friends. Some who are still close, and some who are but a treasured memory.

Of course there is my very first friend, my sister, who taught me about sharing, fighting, playing, sharing special secrets, and did I say fighting?   🙂 Oh and if you are reading this Sarah, the Barbie Dream house was MINE!  🙂


There are friends from our childhood, who are taught us about laughter, secrets, and sleepovers!


I’m the cute redhead in the middle row.  🙂

There are your friends from High school with whom you went through awkward stages with, boyfriends, football games, and 1000 other memories. Even though distance and time have separated you, you still keep in touch.

Our 10 year Reunion in 2003

When you move away from home for the first time perhaps to go to college, you meet some of your most special friends. These friends are there for many of your “Firsts” as an adult. Your first real love. Your first time skipping class. Your first major decisions about your life. These special friends are the ones you learn to be a responsible adult with.



The CC-4 roomies at Middle Tennessee State University

As you grow as an adult, you start having work friends.  These friends are important. These are the people you will be with daily. Most of the time, you will be with them more then your own family. These are the friends that cover for you when you are sick, or late, or just ain’t feeling it. You share frustrations, jokes, and ALOT of snacks together.


It may take a while to find these next group of friends. These are the ones who are like family. The ones who go on adventures with you. You spend Holidays, birthdays, and weekends together. They pray with and for you. And no matter how crazy you are, they never EVER leave.  These are the people you will room with in the retirement home.  🙂

Of course if you are lucky like me you have a fur baby who is your BFF.  This friend is ALWAYS happy to see you, keeps all your secrets, and doesn’t care what you look like or how you smell.  🙂

There is the special friendship you share with your mother once you reach adulthood. While still your mother, now you share a more special bond. You do things together because you want to. Her advice is more sought after, cherished, and valued.

However, the Grandest friend I have is one, I don’t have a photo of, but I see Him when I look out into the mountains

He gave me the ultimate gift, His life. You see He died on a cross, so I would not be condemned to Hell. That’s friendship folks. That is LOVE.

My memory scrapbook is full of cherished memories of all my beloved friends. Each and every one made a huge impact on who I am today. Cherish your friends. They are what get us through this crazy ride called life.


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