Thanks For Being a PAL!

I am weak.  REAL weak.

A few weeks ago I wrote about my Battle I am having with my chubby, fat, body. Most food choices are easy. I love eating healthy…Until I pass this building each day.

Don’t let this strange looking building with the gigantic hotdog, hamburger, fries, and drink on top fool you.

This place will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Pal’s is a local fast food restaurant here in East Tennessee. While the appearance is a little whack, the food and the service are out of this world.

Here is a story the local TV station did about them last month. I will let you watch it to here how cool they are.  The purpose of this post is to talk of my weakness.

You see everything that comes out of this place is ADDICTIVE, and pretty much a heart attack in a brown bag.

The hamburgers are to DIE for. The Frenchie Fries (yes that’s what they are called) are PERFECTION. The Hotdogs super TASTY. The tea as sweet as you can get it. But the crown jewel for me are the CHEDDAR ROUNDS.

These beauties are fried up hash browns stuffed with cheddar cheese.

These babies will make you slap your mama!

So as you can see, I have a HUGE problem?  When I pass one of the two Pal’s we have here in my small town, how can I NOT help but pull in?????????

I have made it known that Little Debbie has always been there for me, but Pal’s, well, they have been helped me through some pretty touch and go moments.

Bad hair day?  Large order of cheddar rounds, and a Razzi Tea.

Horrible day at work? Big Pal with cheese, Frenchie Fry and another Razzi Tea.

Stressed about the holidays? 2 hotdogs, frenchie fry, and Peach tea.

See?  They cover EVER emotion I come against.

How can I just drop Pal’s? Won’t the cashier get worried about me if I suddenly stop showing up? Could it hurt their business if I don’t drive in for my daily tea?

 I can’t do it. I can’t give up my Pal’s!

Just like Rose said to Jack when he slipped into the cold water at the end of Titanic,

“I’ll NEVER let go Pal’s. I’ll NEVER let go!”

2 thoughts on “Thanks For Being a PAL!

  1. it’s like this….you don’t have to give up Pals…the only way i did was move out of state……yes, I too was an addict…a big and rather hefty addict! After moving I found Freddies……much the same as Pals unfortunately for me…but I found a PLAN and I now use it weekly….first, choose two days of the week….these are your Pals days. enjoy, splurge. the rest of the week is food that is tasty yet……’s the important part……..GOOD FOR YOU. yes, yes, i know, i know…it sound impossible….it is achievable though. I personally started out with five days of Freddies (Pals to you) then two days of good stuff…and worked my way into the twice a week deal. I am now less hefty and still indulge…and I am sure that heart attack I had isn’t ever coming back either! lol

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