The Debt I Cannot Pay

Have you ever ran up a debt you couldn’t pay?

You’re jammin’ through life all carefree, livin’ it up, no care in the world, and then one day you get the Invoice.


The price tag for your carefree life is unfathomable. I’m talking baloney and ramen noodles every meal for the rest of your life HUGE.

The day arrives for the Bill to be paid, IN FULL.

You panic.  Thoughts of some guy named Guido waiting in the parking lot with a baseball bat in his hands as you leave work start running through you mind.

Then right as the Bill collector comes for payment, someone steps from out of the shadows.

“I got this”

“Dude, thanks, but you don’t know how much I owe”

“I got this”

“Are you sure? I can NEVER repay this favor.”

“I got this”

And just like that… your debt is paid IN FULL.

Today’s Daily Prompt, got me to thinking of such a time this happened to me. There was a time a Price was paid on my behalf. A price so high, and so steep, that if I worked every minute of every day for the rest of my life, I would NEVER be able to repay the debt.

My life was a mess. A REAL mess. In a rage of chaos, I was headed in a downward spiral.


A trial was held, and the verdict was read.


Guilty of Hate. Guilty of Pride. Guilty of Bitterness. Guilty of Deceit. Guilty of Love of Self.

The punishment?


The time came for my sentence to be fulfilled. Just as it seemed my fate was sealed, from out of nowhere, there came a loud voice.

“I got this”

“NO! You don’t understand! I have been sentenced to death. You know.. die. It’s over. That’s all she wrote. I am no more. DEAD!”

“I understand fully. I got this.”

“WHY?!?!??!? You have NO idea the things I have done.  I deserve this.”

“Greater love hath no man then this, that he lay down his life for his friends.”

“I don’t understand! That is too much!”

“I got this”

And just like that, you are free. Free to live. Your debt is paid and you are set free.


Free to love. Free to laugh. Free to hold your loved ones tight.

Free from Death.

Over 2000 years ago that is exactly what happened. Mankind had been condemned to die. Our sins were unimaginable and the price of repentance was steep…. DEATH. We were doomed.

Then in steps Jesus. God HIMSELF. Flawless. Blameless. Perfect.

“I got this”

He was beaten. He was pierced. He was mocked. He was nailed to a cross.

All for me.

All for YOU.

Whether you accept the gift or not, your ransom has been paid.

In full.

Because of Jesus, death is no longer a scary punishment. No longer are we condemned to suffer for the sins we breed.

His Blood…

Washed us clean.

Made us new.

O the blood
Crimson love
Price of life’s demand
Shameful sin
Placed on him
The hope of every man

Savior son
Holy one
Slain so I can live
See the lamb
The great I am
Who takes away my sin

O what love
No greater love
Grace how can it be?
That in my sin
Yes EVEN then
He shed his blood for me

O the blood of Jesus washes me
O the blood of Jesus shed for me
What a sacrifice that saved my life
Yes the blood it is my victory!
(Oh, The Blood by Kari Jobe )

Oh friend that you would realize what you are worth. Someone loved you enough to DIE for you. He thinks you are a treasure. PRICEESS.

I’ll never be able to repay the debt I owe.


But I chose to accept it. It is love in the purest, most beautiful form.


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