Help Me Understand

I am baffled. I am confused. I need your Help.

There are so many things happening in todays’ world that leaves me staring into space with that confused look. You know the one…..

Today’s Daily Prompt seemed like an excellent opportunity to maybe seek some answers.

I am going to start with the big question probably plaguing millions of Criminal Minds fans this morning… How are we going to make it without Shemar Moore?!?!?!?

Last night Derek Morgan said his last “Baby Girl” to Garcia. WHHHYYYY!!!!!?????!!!!!  For 11 years my Wednesdays have ended with watching the agents from FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) use their nerd skills to catch some of the most dangerous criminals. We have gone through several female character changes, but Derek Morgan has been a fixture…until last night.

What?  He left the BAU??!?!?!?!?!  What am I supposed to do now???  Seriously?  Anyone? It was a struggle climbing out of bed today. For women everywhere this is a day of mourning.

The next topic I need help is one maybe more of you can relate to…. Grocery baggers. What ever happened to the art of bagging your groceries. Remember when the bag boy used to take pride in arranging your items properly into your bags? Where did those days go?

Last evening I went to the market to pick up a few needed items. I found my items, and went to the check out. I placed all the items in neat piles the way I wanted them bagged…all toiletry items together, frozen items together, milk separate, eggs separate, bananas separate, bread separate. You get the picture.

The  cashier was a teenage girl, who was clearly pumped about going on a date with her new boyfriend tomorrow evening. I heard the full story as she was checking out the gal in front of me, who was clearly a chum of hers.  When it was my turn for check out she continued her story as if I was really interested in the fact Josh was taking her to The Peddler to eat. (FYI Josh must have a nice job, or his parents are rich, because I can’t afford to even eat off the salad bar at the Peddler). I smiled, nodding my head, trying REALLY hard to be polite. Then IT happened.

My eggs were tossed in a bag, with the bananas thrown in on top.


Again, I kept my cool. I quietly, took my bananas out and re- bagged them into their own bag. This happened with each and every item.  I don’t even think she knew what she was doing since she never stopped talking about Josh.

As I retrieved my dryer sheets from the bag with my bread, she finally caught on,

“You sure have been organizing your items.  I’m a organizer myself!  Your total is $35.76”

Before I swiped my card, I asked,

“Do I get the employee discount since I bagged my own items the right way?”

The comment totally went over her head.  She giggled and proceeded with the next customer.  STILL gushing over Josh.

My final issue I need some serious help with are the Khardasians.

Can someone please explain to me why these folks are famous?  You can’t open a magazine, newspaper, turn on a TV or radio without them being there. I could care less about their beauty secrets, who’s pregnant, who’s divorced, who’s writing a book, who’s mad, or how they spent their birthday.

Sorry.  I just don’t get the fascination with these people.  Any thoughts?  Anyone?

So there are my three top quandaries at this time.  Can someone please be a Pal and help me out?


12 thoughts on “Help Me Understand

  1. Argh! Grocery baggers! Pleased it’s not just me. In my local supermarket on a Saturday morning there are always kids there asking for charity donations and in return they will pack for you. I actually give the donation for them not to do mine, which is probably a little harsh but at least I know everything gets home in one piece.

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  2. the Kar-whosians? Oh, those fake-breasted women with the snarky smiles and the face-lifts? they are famous? huh…………….I bag my own stuff now. the cashiers all adore me but that bag check-chickie sees me coming and runs. Dunno why…unless it was the repeated snarky lessons on bagging that drove her away.

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  3. No more Derek? He was a favorite character of mine. ~ All three of my sons have worked as baggers / carry out. They have also been used to train others in the ehh skill 😉

    Kardash ?? who? LOL so agree! Fun read Jess. Thank you. I appreciate the quick mid-afternoon break/smile.

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