I Am Me

This is me.


Pretty adorable huh?

When I look at this picture I see so many flaws. I see my weak eye, frizzy hair, blotchy skin, smeared lipstick, ugly teeth, and I also know that the shirt I am wearing has a rip in it. Maybe I can go into photo shop and Conceal all the things I hate about this picture.

Concealing doesn’t change who I am though. I am still going to have that weak eye, the frizzy hair, ugly teeth. You get the picture.

Somewhere along the way during our formative years, we are taught to hide who we truly are. Being different is wrong and socially frowned upon. In order to be accepted, we need to conform and conceal the “real” us.

Is anyone real anymore?

We have concealer for crows feet, wrinkles, and bags.
We have girdles and SPANX to keep our fat in place.
We have fake hair to make us look like we have long hair or like we even have hair.
We can whiten our teeth, straighten or curl our hair, or change our eye color all in one sitting.

Why can’t we just be us?

Listen, when you were created, you were created in the very image of God Himself. Every frizzy hair on my head, my weak/lazy eye, my short and chubby body, even the crooked toe on my left foot, He created.

I am a masterpiece.

And so are YOU.

Embrace who you are. No matter how much you try to conceal it, YOU are STILL YOU, and chances are.. You are pretty AWESOME.

I know I am!

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