Y’all Listen Up

“The most beautiful voice in the world, is that of an educated Southern woman.” With that quote Winston Church, stole my heart.

Growing up, I didn’t know the sound of my Voice was different from anyone else’s. Being in the South, we all sounded the same. Normal.

All that changed the summer I was 17. I was chosen to be apart of a special Youth Leadership Council that spent a week in DC. During the week we would work closely with our Congressman, take a seat in congress, and watch the ins and outs of the political system. Yep, I was a nerd.

During my stay I lived in a dorm suite with other students participating in the program. My roomie for the week was Michelle who lived outside of Brooklyn, NY.

The squeal that came from her mouth as she listened to me speak, was the kind of squeal a child makes when they ride their first rollercoaster.

“Oh my gosh! You are so ADORABLE!!!  Do you even realize how adorable you sound?????!!!”

What? I am just talking like I always talk.

Michelle had never been across the Mason Dixon, and my interaction with Yankee’s was somewhat limited as well.  Hearing a real Southern accent was like hearing the angelic voices of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for the first time. (You get the picture)

That evening, when she called her parents, she had me talk to each family member so they could hear me talk, and I could hear them “OOOH” and “AHHH” over the adorableness of my Southern twang. Strange, but true.

Since that time many, many years ago, I have noticed my twang more and more. Sometimes people think it’s cute, and sometimes people think it is a poor sign of my intelligence.

Just because I say Ain’t and Y’all does not make me dumb. Yes, I can make one syllable words into three syllables or longer, and I sometimes drop the last letter off a word, but that does not cause my IQ to plummet.  For your information I am a highly intelligent lady. I love reading the classics, I love classical music, as much as I love country, and I EVEN know what calamari is. 🙂

If you want to get on a Southerner’s nerves quick,  speak in a fake Southern accent when you meet them.

Trust me, nothing will make you appear dumber to us then when you do this. If you can’t use Y’all in the proper context…. you probably shouldn’t be saying it.

Here in the South we pride ourselves on being different. We speak a language that sometimes only other Southerners can understand. All are welcome down here, and once you come you probably won’t want to leave.  Just be careful not to make fun of us.  If you do you’re probably going to hear someone Bless Your Heart, and honey that ain’t some thing you want to happen.  That’s our polite way of calling you an idiot.

So you can call me Hillbilly, A Southern Belle, Hick, Backwoods, even Redneck.  I embrace each one. My voice is one I am proud of. No matter how hard I may to change it… my twang is here to stay.

So the next time you hear some say, “Y’all listen up!” Make sure you do. I’m sure something interesting is getting ready to be said!

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10 thoughts on “Y’all Listen Up

  1. of course…that’s a group of more than four people…..and for heaven’s sake don’t let flies land on the butter! oh wait, they use that margerine up nawth, don’t they? poor things. Born and raised in Virginia and lived every summer in Charleston…….and there is only ONE Charleston worth mentioning! lol

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      • AMEN! We will bless your heart, then make you a casserole! I had a friend come visit from up North as we were driving home, I passed a truck. The driver threw up his hand in what I knew was just a friendly, “Howdy”. She thought he was throwing some kind of redneck gang sign. She did not understand why we acknowledge strangers. By the end of the week, she was throwing up her hand every time we passed a vehicle. When she went home it was just habit then, and she was convinced she would get shot. lol

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      • I once had a college roomie stay with me when a mutual friend was getting married. She was from, as she put it, noo jawsy…..after two days I had her comfortably sittin on the front porch, drinking sweet tea and waving at ANYONE driving by! lol

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