Refusing To Be Beige

I hate the color beige. It’s too plain. Too Boring. Too BLAH!

Whenever I find myself surrounded by beige… I immediately become saddened. Where is the creativity? Where is the personality?  Where is the joy?

Colorful. Such a simple word, but full of life. These 8 letters come together to form the perfect description of my personality. I am loud. I am bold. I am bright. I am cheery. I am energizing. You know…


Each of us are given a blank canvas the day we are born. Throughout life, we chose what we what displayed on our canvas.  We start out bold and adventurous…..splashing color all over the place.  As we get older, others work feverishly to tone our color down. Suddenly it is not good to be colorful.  We are expected to be like everyone else. We are expected to be…


Plan. Boring. Uneventful. Dull.


Don’t be so friendly.
Don’t be so loud.
Don’t dress a certain way.
Don’t be fat.
Don’t be skinny.
Don’t talk to that crowd.
Don’t take that job.
Don’t waste your time serving others.
Don’t take a stand.

Be like everyone else.

For a while I bought into Beige. I did what society expected, and lived a dull, boring existence. Then in dawned on me.

God did not make us all the same. He made us COLORFUL. Not one of us is the same. Even twins have differences.

Life is to short to be beige.

I chose to be COLORFUL!

I am loud, bold, overly friendly, adventure filled, firm in my beliefs no matter how unpopular with today’s society, and I can be a little much at times. But one thing you can never call me is boring. I will never be Beige.

So you like to wear Bermuda shorts in December? Big deal.
So you post a few dozen selfies a week on Facebook? Who cares?
So you like to eat your cheesecake for your main course? Go for it.
So you don’t look like everyone else? Good for you.

There is only one person on this earth you can be like. YOU. Don’t  work so hard trying to be like everyone else. Don’t be Beige.  Be bold. Be adventurous.  Be…..


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6 thoughts on “Refusing To Be Beige

  1. That’s great! I’m so glad you aren’t a beige person. No one should be beige. I like to think I’m colourful too. Must do something about the grey hair though….

    Liked by 1 person

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