My Side of the Street

I LOVE where I live. Even though there are 1000 places I would love to visit. Right here on my Street is where I always want to be.

When I look in any direction, no matter where I am,  this is what I see.

The mountains surround me wherever I look. In their grandness I find peace. In their midst I also find my home…my community…where I belong.

Mountain people are different then regular folks. It’s true. Their ways are much more laid back and simple. Here there isn’t much worry about Khardasians, new cars, the latest fashions, or TV shows.

Here folks look after one another.

If someone is outside when you pass by, you stop and talk.

If someone is in need, you provide.

If someone has work to be done, you help out.

It’s nothing grand. We just call it being a neighbor.

I love living where folks know each other. Where the same man that taught my mom in high school, taught me and my sister. Where, when I have trouble on the side of the road, I know it won’t be long before a friendly face comes to help. Where when hard times happen, everyone takes care of each other.

It might seem out of the way to some. It’s been called small, middle of no where, backwards, and a host of other things. To me though it’s just one simple word….


And home is right where I want to be.

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5 thoughts on “My Side of the Street

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      • Nice to meet you! Always nice to meet folks who know the area I am writing about. I grew up here and went to school in the ‘Boro. I stayed for 8 years and taught there for a while. I had to move back home to the mountains though. I missed them too much. Hope you get some good hiking in on your visit! I might just see you out there!

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