Closer Than You Think

If you haven’t already noticed, I am a wee bit….dramatic.

All right, lets be honest…. I am a full fledged Drama Queen. Especially when things don’t come as quickly as I think they should.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a positive person, but if I attempt something and it is too hard, or I just don’t get it…. I drop it faster then a Khardasian marriage.  I hate when something seems so Faraway.  Almost unattainable.

Recently I realized in doing so, that made me such a hypocrite. How can I write positive, Go For Your Dreams posts, if I am over here huddled up in a corner pouting because something was too hard?

It was time for me to start practicing what I preach.

The first thing I did was get me a notebook to write all the things I wanted to do in 2016.

Finish the dishcloth I started knitting a year ago
Go on a hike by myself
Hike 100 miles in the Smokies.

It wasn’t long before the pages started filling up with goals. For two days I would open the book and read each and every item on my list. Finally on the third day, I realized the items were not going to get checked off by me writing them down and reading them each day. If I was going to accomplish anything, I would have to go to work.

I started with the simple things first, and put three check marks on my list in one day. Then I started focusing on the harder stuff. The tasks that were going to take REAL effort, and REAL work.

Achieving my 100 mile pin for the Hike The Smokies program was the one task that was like a thorn in my side. It hung over me like a dark cloud. It seemed impossible. Too faraway.  I had started and stopped it so many times, I am sure the Park Rangers all laughed each time I said I was giving it another go.

This time I was determined though. Failure was not an option. I also stopped worrying so much about it. Who cares when I finished, as long as I did finish?

You know what?  This weekend, 5 weeks after I started out to achieve it…. I did it!

Once I climbed to the top, my dream was achieved. I didn’t stop or quit, even though I wanted to several times along the way.

Our dreams and goals may seem faraway, but if we push through the frustration, agony, the pain, and the disappointments they CAN become a reality.

After adding my miles up, I am now almost half way to my 250 pin. 5 weeks ago that seemed impossible. I have already hiked 112, what’s a few more?

250 doesn’t seem that faraway anymore.

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11 thoughts on “Closer Than You Think

  1. You made me remember the long hike I took my freshman year of college…..I was attending Elon University in NC….it was just plain old Elon College way back then….and my roomies and I decided to walk the Appalachian trail during our first weekend off….We started out well, at least we were wearing the correct clothing. I think we got .3 miles before Kara (my first roomie) dropped out due to a mosquito bite (or some such insignificant thing)…….Melanie and I kept going. …….and walked all of .9 miles before we too gave up. Congratulations on sticking to it. I never did go back and try again. I now wish I had.

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    • Thank you! It has almost become my mission to hike every peak in this park. I have told myself for so long, I could not do it. I wasn’t athletic enough, strong enough, brave enough… all the usual junk. This year I decided that was just not acceptable! I ain’t gonna lie it’s been hard. I hope to hike the AT in the next couple years. Come on and hike a few miles with me!

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