I Just Don’t Get It

Maybe I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer. I am probably not the brightest crayon in the box either. Some things are just way past my level of comprehension.  You know what I am talking about….when your left with that blank stare.

I have never understood the whole idea of Superstition. It is totally beyond anything I can understand.

Seriously…lucky underwear?  I consider it a good day if I can find a clean pair of undies to put on each day.  A pair of cotton drawers (that’s what we call them down South) ain’t gonna get me that date with Adam Levine that I am desperately praying for. If that’s what it took, I’d wear the same pair everyday!

Growing up I played softball. I was pretty good at it too. I played with the same girls for almost 8 years.  One of my teammates was extremely superstitious of her helmet and bat. If she didn’t use the same helmet and bat EACH game, she felt the softball gods would curse us. I never really understood this superstition because she wasn’t very good when it came to batting. Maybe if she changed it up every now and then, her bating average would have been higher.

Can someone please explain to me why I can’t open an umbrella in doors? Why do I need to hold my breath when I pass a graveyard? And why for Pete’s sake can I not step on a sidewalk crack?

Who makes this junk up?

Any bad luck I have is probably going to be of my own stupidity and not because I broke some unwritten superstitious rule.

No, I chose to place my trust in something Bigger. Something real. Something that has proven it’s self time and time again in my life.

God’s word.

I know that my belief is not popular, and that is ok. I could care less about being popular.  Having faith in  my God, who has NEVER failed me, been TRUE to His word, and LOVES me despite the hot mess I am, that is where I chose to place my trust.

I do good to get out of my house each morning with my teeth brushed and my hair combed. I don’t have time to worry about avoiding black cats, lucky underwear, or what it means if the bottom of my foot itches.

No I chose to leave all that up to my Creator.

Now…. if someone does know a way I can get to Adam Levine…. I am all ears.  🙂

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6 thoughts on “I Just Don’t Get It

  1. oh crap! NO ONE ever said Hair had to be combed! I know an Adam but he isn’t a Levine, he’s a Bumberszchwalter………..yea, I know it just isn’t the same but just think of the wonderful things you can do with that last name………..it’s at least 400 blogs in an of itself! (see how much I like you? lol)

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  2. Perfect response! I don’t know where those sayings come from, but was thinking they all probably started from at least one event of something going wrong. By the way, you do know Adam recently got married, right? So, who’s your new heart throb? Hahaha!

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