She Who Laughs…Lasts.

I come from a family of comedians. At any given moment, you never know what crazy statement is going to come out of any of our mouths.  Thankfully, I learned early on in life, that our days are far too short to be stuffy.  Sometimes when the days are long, and things look bleak, it is always good to stop and Giggle. Because trust me… there is ALWAYS something to giggle about.

Like the time my Grandmother giggled relentlessly because my sister was scared of her new bunny.

Or the time that my sister and I got some very cheap and ugly  jewelry and headwear for Christmas.

Our family has been through many dark days, but two things we have always held tight to… each other and our sense of humor. There were times when those were the only two things we had to our name, so both were, and still are, cherished.

Laughter is as essential as eating and breathing with us. You NEVER take yourself seriously, and you sprinkle sunshine wherever you go.

There is ALWAYS something to giggle about. ALWAYS.  Even in the dark times.

My beloved Grandmother passed away suddenly 2 days before Thanksgiving 18 years ago.  We were stunned, shocked, numb. She was the glue that held everything together. As we stood in line, greeting the hundreds of people that came out on Thanksgiving night to pay their respects, the mood was starting to get a little tense and very somber. My grandmother’s cousin, Jay Bird, came up and hugged us all close, then turned and said in a booming voice to my Grandmother’s casket,

“Madge, you sure did leave in a hurry!”

Giggles and laughter filled the chapel. It was perfect. It was totally something that my Grandmother would have said, and something I know she was looking down upon from heaven, giggling herself.

Don’t be so stiff. Life is too short to go through it all serious.

Giggle, laugh, tell a joke, be a little silly every now and then…..

I promise others are already giggling…..


You might as well join in!

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