Lasso The Moon

Today I have been thinking a lot about George Bailey.  You know George Bailey don’t you?

Growing up, I loved old movies. Especially old Christmas movies. Each year I could not wait to see Jimmy Stewart portray George Bailey in It’s  A Wonderful Life.

George had big dreams of adventure.  He wanted to travel the world, seeing all that it had to offer. A big, wide, Suitcase where he could place stickers from all the places traveled is the one thing he desired.  He truly felt that that suitcase would place value on his existence. If he could go out and explore the world, he could make a difference. He wanted to make an impact.

Sadly, life happened, and poor George never got to take his adventure. He was forced to stay in his small little town, run the family business he hated, and live his adventures through other people.  Ultimately George felt he was a failure.  He became disenchanted with life….. All the while, not knowing just how big of an impact he was making.

Sometimes I am a lot like George Bailey.  I want out. I want to explore. I want to make a difference. But circumstances and life take over, and I am forced to stay right where I am. I see others going and pursuing the things I long for and I get jealous. I get discouraged. I get bitter.

I want to fill the suitcase of my existence with lots and lots of stickers.

World’s Best Mom
World Traveler
Moon Lassoer

Those are just a few of the stickers I would like to obtain. If only, I could obtain them, then my life would have value and meaning right?

No.  Not at all.

George finally learned that his purpose was greater then going out and seeing the world. His purpose was being a friend when friends were few and far between. Throughout his life he had accomplished much more just by “being there”. His success was not measured by the number of stickers on his suitcase, or even the money in his small and almost non existent bank account. No, it was measured by the MANY who were encouraged, helped, saved, and dependent upon him.

At the end of the movie, Clarence the Angel, makes a statement that resounds with me each time I hear it….

“No man is a failure who has friends” 

Dreams, goals, and longings are always good. However dear friend, don’t place your value and worth in them. You are not a failure because you don’t get to accomplish “big” things. Sometimes, being a friend, putting others first, and living each day the best you can, makes the greatest impact.

So, I may never be a mom, or a wife, or a world traveler, and I may never get to lasso the moon. But I am important. I have value. And I hope that I can make an impact on those around me, by just being me.

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8 thoughts on “Lasso The Moon

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  2. OMG! (too long spent around nephews) I adore ‘It’s a Wonderful Life” apart from ‘I’ve Loved you so Long’ which I’d heartily recommend (movie) they’re the only 2 things that make me weep tears.

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