A Little Spring Cleaning

I am packrat.

There, I said it.

I save all kinds of crazy things.

My dress I wore for my high school Graduation 23 years ago.
My Swatch watch I had in 8th grade back in 8th grade.
My favorite pair of blue jeans from 1996
The charger from every cellphone I have EVER owned.
Countless socks without matching mates.

All of this and more are packed tightly into my Closet in my spare room. Also in the mix are purses I haven’t used since the Bush administration (Senior, not junior), used ribbon from Christmas 15 years ago, college notebooks, and tons of other junk that you don’t need to know about.

This past weekend, I took off work to do a little Spring cleaning around the house.  It was time to de-clutter this closet and make some extra space for all the hiking gear I am obtaining.

As I started pulling items out, I increasingly became aware of one concrete fact:

I like Junk.

Nothing that I pulled out has any use anymore.

Why the CRAP am I holding on to CRAP?

As the junk kept falling out of the closet and cluttering my floor, I kept waiting for a TV crew to show up at my door to interview me for an episode of HOARDERS.

Some of the items were sentimental, but they were still doing me zero good being jammed into a junk closet. They no longer served any purpose, but to remind me of what used to be.

Fun times when I was young
Wonderful reminders of just how far I have come
Precious keepsakes given to me out of love

But I was also reminded of some hard truths

Rejection letters from jobs, lost love, and people I had trusted.
Sympathy cards that remind me of those no longer here.
Clothes that show I have aged and gained weight
Reminders that years and time have passed quickly.

Whether we realize it or not, our minds have a closet as well.  We stuff memories, ideas, and our past all into one cramped space.  Sometimes we stuff it so full and tight we have no idea what is in there.

We hold on to what others have said about us,
How we have been treated,
How we think about ourselves,
Our doubts,
Our fears, worries,
and a mired of other useless junk.

It can be exhausting and overwhelming housing all that.

Perhaps we should clean that out just like we clean out our physical closets.

Get rid of negative self talk
Toss out opinions of those that do not matter
Shred fears and anxieties
Re-organize our priorities

Those things are doing us no good stored inside our mental closet. If kept too long, we may actually allow them to keep us from living life to the fullest.

So maybe it is time to start cleaning out the clutter in our minds. Freeing ourselves from all the self hate, self doubt, worry, negative talk, and all the other junk could free us up to maybe do so much more, experience life fully.

This past weekend I got rid of a lot of worthless stuff. I kept some, because let’s face it, I’m a sentimental fool, but some I tossed.

How freeing it felt.

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8 thoughts on “A Little Spring Cleaning

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  3. Poor George and I were seriously considering moving to Guatemala three years ago.we placed the house on the market, and started to throw away, give away and sell all of our “stuff” we couldn’t take. We would have been allowed one very small car load of personal items……..once we got rid of all that detritus life got pretty darned nice. I still had class books from 1964 in one closet! totally out of date and useless except to show how ignorant schools were back then. My mind, unfortunately is still cluttered with crap…but I at least can get rid of a lot of that stuff through blogging. lol

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  4. Oh wow. Yes!!! I have a closet like that. Well I sort have cleaned it out. I have all of the stuff in plastic totes and honest I have gone through it…. but yeah … I have boxes of cross stitch and yarn. There is a china set I bought when I was stationed in Guam, I keep promising myself I will take it out some day. And don’t look under the bed and in the over flowing bookshelves….

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