Show A Little Style

Well the days are finally warming up down here in the South and that can only mean one thing:

Young girls completely lose their minds when it comes to dressing themselves.

For several grueling months they have been confined in wool sweaters, turtlenecks, sweatshirts, fleece lined pants, and parkas. The time has now come to let it all hang out.

As I was traveling home from work yesterday I passed several young gals walking down the road. What I saw I can never un-see. These poor, clueless creatures sashaying down the road thought they were looking hot.. and I am not talking hot because it was 83 muggy degrees outside. Bikini tops, shorts that they clearly bought from a toddler consignment sale, and high heeled sandals.

Growing up my mama always had a morning inspection as my sister and I left the house. If we did not pass inspection, we were sent back to our closets to find something acceptable to wear. She could of cared less about style, fashion, or fitting in.

See my mother is a lady…. A Southern lady.  And that my friend, is the most SERIOUS type of lady.

Now, my mom can also be a redneck when she needs to be, but she is first and foremost ALWAYS a lady. She believes in wearing a slip when you wear a dress or shirt, pantyhose,  matching patterns, hats, and you NEVER show your business.

She taught us that underwear was just that… something you wore UNDER your clothes. Your shorts NEVER showed your butt cheeks, and if had better be able to move and breath in whatever you were wearing.

Some of my mother’s styling’s when we were younger.


While my sister and I bucked my mother every chance we got, she NEVER waivered. She taught us that dressing like a lady was all about respect. If we wanted to be respected and successful, we needed to dress for it.

On the day of my first “real” job interview I had one of the biggest fights EVER with my mother. I was prepared to go to the interview in my jeans, t-shirt, and Chucks.


“You need to take pride in what you are doing… no matter how unimportant you think it is.”

I showed up wearing one of my suits I wore to my debate tournaments. I looked like I was applying for a job on Wall Street instead of a cashier’s position at KFC.

Years later I am so grateful for my mother’s guidance. Today so many young girls, and women have thrown modest lady like dressing to the wayside. Anything goes.  You can even wear your pajamas into the Walmart.

I realize my opinion is unpopular in today’s society.  That’s ok.. I’m totally cool with that. However, mother’s teach your daughters they can express themselves even while dressing as a lady. They don’t have to reveal all they have to impress, get ahead, or make themselves feel good. I realize that women like Beyonce’ and the Kardashian’s are who our daughters are left to look up to. Don’t allow them to be a bigger influence then you can be.

I think I turned out to be pretty adorable…..  🙂


6 thoughts on “Show A Little Style

  1. Yes, Yes, Yes you are adorable! But I feel the same pain, and a primary reason that I don’t like Walmart, but it happens in regular grocery stores too. In fact, I thought about this today, when I went to the bank. Women used to dress to go to the bank. I thought about that because a woman came in with her hair looking barely combed and really short shorts. We live in a different world, a really different world.

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  2. I so agree with you on this and am also grateful for a mother who taught me how to dress like a lady! I remember the days when people actually dressed up to go to the doctor. Now I look around in the waiting room and people wear anything and everything and it seems they just let it all hang out! And to think my mother told me once to change out of my jeans and into something nicer before one of my appointments! Boy, have times changed.

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  3. The visuals add much to this entry and others. You’re right: these days, women wear anything they want to public places, unconcern with the impression they leave people. You’re mother raised you right when she had dress like a lady. I do want a woman who dresses classy, but with style (like the title too).

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