Earth.  Probably the most fascinating aspect of creation.  Not only does it produce incredible beauty, but it alive.   What a wonderful and marvelous thought it was, until man stopped appreciating it’s magnificence.

Today, April 22, is the day we celebrate the Earth. Some may plant a tree, some may go out and pick up trash, some may even go out and explore. But what happens tomorrow on April 23? Do we continue our appreciation, or do we continue on the path of not really caring?

I spend a lot of time outdoors. It is where I feel most comfortable. You just can’t beat sitting on a big rock, by a rushing stream, listening to it’s intoxicating sound, and NOT be content. Outside is where I go to decompress, readjust, and reconnect.

This is where I can go get away from cell phones, car horns, emails, smoggy smells, and cranky people. It is indeed my happy place.

Being able to be outside and experience the earth uninterrupted is the most precious of gifts God has ever given me.  I am able to play in the flowers

Be awed by the majesty of a sunrise.

And just be in AWE of the Beauty I am beholding

But sadly, there are those who do not appreciate this gift we have been given. They do not take the time to stop and enjoy all that is before them. Instead of taking care of helping maintain our precious earth, they flippantly partake in destructive behavior.

Our waters are polluted. Our air is thick with smog and fumes.  Our streets are littered with trash and litter.  Our children don’t know what fresh air is, or how it feels to run barefoot in the grass.

Take care of our Earth. Respect it. Nurture it. Treasure it.

Spend sometime outside. Get to know the Earth and all it has to offer. Becoming acquainted with it, will give you a deep appreciation for it.

Once it is gone…. it is gone forever.

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