So I have decided that sometimes my life is like one of those hidden camera shows… Ya know the ones where something whacky happens and the person is all confused or getting ready to lose their minds…and right before they do… someone steps out….


Well, most of the time things happen I keep waiting… but no one steps out from behind the wall and yells, “SURPRISE!”

Nope… this is my real life.

For example……

Last week I went through the drive through at Dunkin Donuts. I am a frequent stalker, I mean customer, there, so they know me pretty well. I ordered my usual Medium Iced Hazelnut coffee. I order this at LEAST 5 times a week, so I know the exact amount…$2.51. I should have known things were going to go downhill quick when the conversation started like this.

“Yes, I would like a medium black iced hazelnut coffee please.”

“Ok, that’s a medium black iced hazelnut coffee. Do you want cream or sugar in this?”

“No… I want it black.”

“So, black. No creamer.”


“Ma’am please drive forward I don’t understand what it is you want.”


So I pull forward and give the confused cashier a play by play on how to make my iced coffee black. She didn’t know that black meant no cream or sugar.  I am by NO MEANS an expert, but if you are going to be working in a coffee shop, this info I think would be key to know.

Now, like I said… I know my total is going to be $2.51.  When it came time to pay, I handed the now schooled cashier $5.01. You and I both know that would give me $2.50 back in change… right?  However, once again, our poor cashier is thrown for a loop. Once I handed her the penny along with the $5 she looked as if I had paid her in Japanese Yen instead of American Dollars.

“Ummm…. you gave me a penny by mistake.”

“Nope.. I did that on purpose.”


“Oh sweetie, are you serious?”

“I am very confused.” she finally mumbled.

At this point I am looking for Allen Funt to come out from behind the window offering his famous tag line…..

But he doesn’t…. and the sweet cashier looks like she’s ready to cry… and I kinda want to cry too.

However, as I explain that by me giving her the penny, I ensure myself $2.50 in change instead of $2.49 if I had not handed it to her.

Instantly you can see the light bulb go off inside her pretty little head.

“I get it!”


Of course I was so drained from the whole ordeal that I drove off and forgot my iced coffee…. but that’s a whole other story all together.

As I was sitting at my desk later on, slurping the final drops from iced coffee, I realized just how wonderful life is. I have so much stress, chaos, and worry throughout each day, but somehow, right there in the middle of all of it, I had a distraction. I had a funny and whacky story to share when I got back to work, which served as a welcome distraction to my fellow co-workers, and I enlightened a young cashiers day.

I am a firm believer that God has a massive sense of  humor. He sees the chaos and gray in our days and decides to offer us a little color, and entertainment.

There is always a funny story to be told somewhere… you just have to be alert to it.  Don’t be such a stick in the mud that you miss it.



8 thoughts on “Seriously?????

  1. I once stopped at a mickey d’s for a quick lunch. The total came to 2.51……I gave the girl a five, 2 quarters and a penny……she got all confused and couldn’t figure out how to give my change back. i tried explaining it to her.she went off to get the manager…he “explained’ to me that they can not take too much money and did I have the exact amount. I said “no, I gave her a five, 2 quarters and a penny. I should get back 3 dollars.” He then proceeded to tell me, “no, if you gave her 5.51 then you get back four dollars”………we must have argued about that extra dollar for at least ten minutes……

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