Introducing Miss Dolly Presley

The moment you have been waiting for has arrived… Your sweaty palms clutch to the microphone you’re holding like it is your only lifeline. The butterflies in your stomach won’t stop fluttering.  The pounding of your heart is so loud that you almost miss the words you have been so anxious waiting for……..

“Introducing, Miss Dolly Presley!”

The crowd goes WILD! You step out on the stage… and YOU KILL IT!

Ok….so it was my front porch…. and my microphone was a jump rope….and the audience was my mom and a couple of neighbors….and I was just 4 years old… but I still KILLED it.

Music became very influential in my life at a very early age.  It was everywhere. My mother loved classic country, the Beatles, and anything else from the 60’s, while my dad was all ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin, and Skynyrd .  My ear was full and my heart was singing.

Being from Tennessee, of course my two musical idols were Dolly Parton and Elvis Presley. To this day I have found no other artist that speaks to my heart then these two. I studied them. I obsessed over them. I wanted to BE them.

Countless hours were spent constructing costumes, choreographing staging, and making out set lists. Sometimes the only audience was Barbie and Ken, but sometimes I could convince a few neighbors to join in the fun.  I was inspired and there was not stopping me.

What is it about music that moves us so? How can it be that even a shy, quiet, introvert will become Karen Carpenter any time they hear Superstar come on the radio?

Hans Christian Anderson said it best….

“Where words fail, music speaks.”

Music can express how we feel when we can’t do so ourselves. It makes us feel comfort when we are hurt, jubilant when we are victorious, and powerful when we are weak. Some are inspired and transformed by Mozart, while for some, Jay Z just seems to totally get you.

It seems at least 100 times a day there is a song that goes with my mood. You know what I am talking about. Right now I am totally singing Manic Monday by the Bangles in my head. And when I am out hiking, Eye of the Tiger is ringing in my head, and once I summit it is totally Gonna Fly Now (aka The Rocky Theme) ALWAYS gets blasted through my mind.

After keeping The Eye of The Tiger for 7 miles I am Flying High


Music simply speaks when we can’t. How boring life would be without it. Imagine watching JAWS without the BOM BOM…BOM BOM….. or going to a fireworks display without hearing the 1812 Overture.


And you can’t tell me that whenever you hear THRILLER you don’t sing along at the top of your lungs.

Music Speaks. Music Inspires. Music Moves. Music Transforms.  Music is Timeless. It tells our stories, calms our souls, and makes us feel.

So whatever music you like…. Beethoven, Vivaldi, Garth Brooks, or Nine Inch Nails…..turn it up today and let it speak. And maybe….just maybe… can KILL it just like the four year old Dolly Pressley in me did.



2 thoughts on “Introducing Miss Dolly Presley

  1. What a lovely perky post. I almost went to my Amazon Prime Music selections and started blasting. It may be a little too late tonight, but don’t you worry, tomorrow is another day. I may be unusual in that my music tastes/favorites span the globe. I like music from every genre, and believe me there’s a time and a place for pretty much all of it. So, in honor of this here post, I’m going to play something that makes my heart glad. In the meantime, I will simply hum one of the many tunes I have stored in that part of my brain with the capacity to hold years of loops. Ever hear the song, “Wheel of Fortune,” by Kaye Starr. Well my beloved mother played it a ton. I’ll hum that. She’d be proud I remembered.

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