Hope Floats

“Beginnings are scary. Endings are usually sad, but it’s what’s in the middle that counts. So when you find yourself at the beginning, just give Hope a chance to float up and it will.”

Those are the final words of Sandra Bullock’s  character Birdie in one of all time favorite movies, Hope Floats. I love the quote so much that I have it plastered all through my office and home.  I must admit, when I went to first see the film 18 years ago, it was NOT for the message the movie offered. It was to see Harry Connick Jr. looking hot in a cowboy hat.

However, despite my steamy infatuation with Harry, I was able to watch the movie and receive the message it was trying to convey.

Hope Floats.

What an beautifully awesome image. How many times have I been drowning in what I call the depths of despair, with only my hope to keep me afloat? More then I can say.

Life can drag us through some pretty nasty waters…. sickness, failures, uncertainty, broken promises, rocky relationships, and a bushel of other issues. What keeps us from sinking down further and further into the depths of our pain?

It is HOPE.

Hope that the check is in the mail.
Hope that the car will start.
Hope that sorrow won’t last
Hope that life will get easier.

There have been many days in my life where Hope was the only thing I had to cling to. The world around me was raging like a violent hurricane, and I was desperate to keep my head above the angry water.

I was without a job.
I was broke.
I had been rejected in love.
I was without many options.

There were times I wanted to let go of Hope. It would be easier for me to sink. Holding on just took too much strength. But I held on. TIGHT. Being stripped of everything else, I was determined NOT to lose my Hope.

Hope never leaves us. It is ALWAYS there, even when we don’t see it. It is what keeps us from giving up. It is what keeps us waiting in anticipation. It is what keeps us afloat.

My life is FAR from perfect, and there are days it seems that I am going to succumb to the raging waters around me, but just when I think I can’t hold my head up anymore…there is…HOPE…rising up and helping me stay above water.

Hope definitely floats.

“But as for me, I will ALWAYS have Hope.” Psalms 71:14

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