My Raison D’être

Raison D’être.  Doesn’t that sound so exotic? Being from the South, you can say anything with a fancy French accent and I would swoon. Around here, we just don’t hear sayings like that.

Raison D’être is a French term meaning, “the reason or justification of existence.” Why do I do what it is I do? Why am I EVEN here? What is my purpose?

Wow…. that’s deep stuff right there.

But hearing this term for the first time got me to thinking……why do I write this blog day in and day out? Why do I share my thoughts and place them out in cyberspace for hundreds of people I don’t EVEN know to read them?

The answer is complicated yet very simple… so others will know I lived.

My life is nothing grand, or spectacular, but I feel it has great importance. The ups and downs have often left me wondering, “Am I the ONLY one who knows what this feels like?” When someone comes along and listens, and shares their own roller coaster experiences with me,  it always makes the ride worth it.

We are in this together….you and I. Our experiences not only teach us on a personal level, but can reach far beyond us, helping those around us.

I have zero problem with words… I am probably the most extroverted person you will ever meet. However, when it comes to expressing my feelings and emotions in speech, I fail each and every time. Somewhere between my brain and my tongue I become like a hyper active dog on about 10 cups of strong coffee.

Writing however, now that is where I can do my best talking. Somehow writing out my feelings makes me coherent and relatable.  Through expressing myself in my blog, or with paper and pencil, I am able to give a real, and honest testament of who I am.

Starting my Blog helped me find my voice. It made me feel I mattered. It showed me that all the aspects of life I experience, I am not alone. Others read my words and share back with me….

“Hey, I have been there! I understand what you’re saying. It get’s better!”

And then every now and then someone responds,

“Thank you! I needed to hear that today!”

Right there is what makes being vulnerable, sharing from my heart, and  being REALLY REAL all worth it.

Life was not meant to be lived alone. It is meant to be shared with each other. Opening yourself up to others, is risky, a little scary , and sometimes very hard to do, but when we do, the benefits far out weigh the risk.

I have only been blogging since Last September, but the relationships I have formed from sharing my crazy, whacky, busy, and sometimes messed up life, have been life changing. Some of the sweetest, funniest, kindest, whacky souls started as mere strangers, and are now like family.

Remember, we are all in this together. Let’s be real. Unafraid to speak how we feel. You never know… your words might be just what I need to hear to get through the day.

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One thought on “My Raison D’être

  1. I love when I can read a blog and relate with others. Sometimes within a person’s blog I see things that I have written myself but not wanting to share. Upon seeing it, I realize that I need to share what I have written. Thank you. 🙂

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