Keep Out Of Direct Sunlight

Waves, sand, bikinis, gorgeous shells, golden tanned bodies, warm sunshine. Seems like the ideal place to be doesn’t it?

While that may sound like your idea of paradise….it is my own personal Hell.

The Beach is the ideal vacation destination for most folks, but I am not most folks. I am a redhead. A pale, pasty, snow white Redhead.  This is what a day at the beach looks like to me.

Looks exciting doesn’t it?  I know you are jealous.

The sun is not my friend. I don’t know why he doesn’t like me, but from our very first meeting he has set out to make my life miserable. I am convinced he wants me dead.

How can that be? The sun and I have so much in common.

We both bring light wherever we go.
We both can blind you with our beauty.
We can both burn you with our radiant glow

You get the picture…..

But instead of embracing me and offering me the golden tan he offers my fellow family members and friends, the sun scorches and fries me up. Whenever I step out into his warm and inviting rays I am instantly treated like a piece of bacon in a frying pan. I end up extra crispy.

I used to be embarrassed growing up when my mom would lather me up with 50 spf and make me wear a t-shirt anytime we went to the lake, beach, or pool. There were times I looked like I was getting ready to go ray hopping on the sun itself. The looks and laughs I got from others was a mix of sympathy and tears as they choked back their laughter.


At the age of 12 I was able to go to the pool for the day with my BFF. My mother had packed extra sunscreen, t-shirt, hats, and anything else she could think of to keep me from impending doom. I was given very specific instructions on making sure I was covered. However…. I had other plans.

8 hours. That is how long my friend and I stayed at the pool that day. 8 glorious, warm, fun-filled hours in the blazing sun. Not once did I stop to lather up or cover up. I went free. Uninhibited. It was glorious. It was freedom. It was the dumbest thing I ever did.

If I hadn’t already been in such intense pain from the burn, I am sure my mother would have loved to have made me feel a different kind of pain. It took about a month for the redness, blisters, and peeling to finally go away.

I learned some valuable lessons that day.

The sun REALLY does hate me.
My mother is always right.
Sunscreen is my lifelong BFF
And fried skin is really gross

 So if you are out and about at the Beach this summer and you come across this:
Don’t worry…. it’s not a decaying corpse. It’s just a redhead enjoying a beautiful day at the beach.

8 thoughts on “Keep Out Of Direct Sunlight

  1. 😀 When I was a very young, very foolish teenager . . . I spent the day at the beach with some friends who had olive skin. They used baby oil (really). So did I. My skin is naturally ivory. Thought I was going to die . . . haha funny now, I laugh at my stupidity.

    Fun read!

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  2. i kind of wish I had been capable of burns back in the days of beach bikinis…….I have olive skin. I got tan…..really really tan……….and ended up with melanoma a few times. sigh…none of us are ever happy with ourselves.

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