Casting My Shadow

Sometimes I think of weird stuff. REALLY weird stuff. I am laying in bed at night, fighting the urge to have to potty for the 10th time, when my mind starts to wondering… what would I look like with bangs, how would I look with green eyes instead of blue, what am I going to eat for dinner on Friday night. Ya know, typical crazy stuff.

However last night I started thinking about what would be said at my funeral. A local hiking legend recently passed away, and hearing about how he had impacted so many lives got me to thinking…..

What kind of Shadow have I cast? What will folks say about me?

Will I be remembered for the tons of silly mistakes I made?
Will I be remembered for some of the scatterbrained stunts I’ve pulled?
Will I be remembered for my sparkling personality?
Will I be remembered for my ridiculous sense of humor?

So this was my exciting night last night….wondering just how I would be remembered. Morbid I know.

Of course this morning I text my BFF…

“Hey, if I were to pass away, how would you remember me?”


“You know if I were to die….how would you remember me?”

“I would remember you for texting me silly, irrelevant questions at 6am.” 


Frustrated now, I turned to my bible for an answer, and wouldn’t you know it..I wasn’t disappointed.

I want to be remembered as a light.

Someone whose brightness shines in the dark.
Someone whose life reflects one greater than she.
Someone whose glow is unmistakable.

That is the shadow I want to cast.  The legacy I want to leave.

When I am gone, I don’t want to be remembered for just me, or the things I did. NO, I want my life to be a reflection of the ONE living IN me.

Sure,  people aren’t going to forget the things I accomplished, the failures I had, or even the stupid and crazy situations that I often get myself into, but there is more to me then all of those. More then anything I want to be remembered as HIS. My loving and perfect God who guides and supplies.  I want to live in such a way that He is reflected in all I do.

So when I am gone you can laugh at all the silly and irrelevant crap that come out of my mouth, and you can reminisce about all the fun ways I made you smile, but be mindful of the shadow I have cast. Somewhere in it, I pray you see the One that is reflected in it.

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