Perfect Mess

Do you ever just watch people? You see them  wearing the perfect outfit, with the perfect hair, smiling their perfect smile, driving their perfect cars to their perfect jobs, where they will sit at their perfect desk, drinking their perfect coffee, discussing perfect weekend plans with their perfect co-workers.  They are always chipper, kind, non-stressed, and easy going.

DON’T TRUST THESE PEOPLE!!!!! They aren’t real.

I used to live in that fantasy world where I thought perfection was the ultimate goal. However, real life and Chaos took over and I now no longer strive for perfection. If I leave my house in the morning with my hair combed, teeth brushed, and wearing a clean shirt and slacks, the day is already a winner.

When I go into work each morning, I am not surrounded by  perky and delightful co-workers. Thank the Lord! I don’t want perky and delightful.  I want to hear how, like me, they struggled getting out the door this morning, and YES, before I ask, they are wearing YESTERDAY’S slacks, and they are already counting down the minutes till 5pm.

These are the people you can trust. These are the REAL people.

Striving for perfection is not a horrible goal, but constantly obsessing over it, comparing yourself to others, and never getting there….that will drive you completely over the edge. You are NEVER going to get there. And regardless of the life some display, No one ever will.

Just this morning I spent 30 minutes looking in the mirror trying to fix my frizzy, and unruly hair. Do I wear it up, or down? Pulled back, or braided? Do I hot roll it, or go natural? Then I spent another 30 minutes going back and forth between the outfit I was wearing, and another that I thought I liked better.

Then I took my dog outside to potty. Of course I stepped in dog poop on the way back in (not from my pup, but a neighbor). I was already running late, and didn’t have time to change shoes. I wiped off the shoe in the grass and went on my way. As I was driving this morning, I had to stop suddenly to keep from running a red light at one of those intersections that has a red light camera the police use to issue tickets (gotten a few of those). When I slammed on my breaks, my coffee sloshed all over my shirt, pants, hair, windshield… you get the picture. I couldn’t find the lid to mug this morning, so I carried it without one….

Now I am sitting at my desk with my hair in that ugly bun I wear when I wash my face at night, wearing a shirt and pair of pants that DON’T match because I forgot to change out the slacks after my fashion show this morning, carrying  the faint aroma of dog dootie and coffee.

However, none of these seemed odd when I entered the office this morning, and I have gone about my day like I would any other.

I am never going to have it all together. There are days I am going to wear toothpaste on  my shirt all day, and I am pretty sure there have been times I carried food in my hair (don’t ask.) Sometimes, I show up a day late for a hair appointment, and some days I forget to comb my hair all together.

Perfection is overrated. Those give off the air of it are just bluffing.  Trust me… underneath the perfect hair, perfect outfit, and perfect smile, I bet lies someone who is wearing yesterday’s undies, forgot to put on deodorant, or scrapped off mold off their bread this morning so they could have toast.

So maybe you are sitting there reading this with a mustard stain on your shirt your forgot to iron this morning, or maybe you are wearing the same pair of pants for the 3rd day in a row. Don’t be embarrassed. Embrace it. You are not alone my friend……

You’re not perfect…. You’re just a Perfect mess… and that’s just fine.

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25 thoughts on “Perfect Mess

  1. I am not perfect, and have even written in my last blog post that I have not one, but two Achilles heels. However, my life is not a mess. Why? Because I never did strive for perfection. I knew a long time ago that I wasn’t perfect, and so embraced the ME I Am. Still, that doesn’t make me a perfect mess. I tend to prepare, and have learned that preparing is the way to go. It keeps my stress level down, and helps me to be mindful. Besides, we have no idea what “perfect” looks like, sounds like, or feels like. It would be difficult to strive for something no one on this earth has knowledge of. And so be it!

    I love my life without all the pain. I do know what that feels like, and so changed something so I didn’t have to feel it anymore. I prefer to be an optimist, and arise in the spirit of gratitude for all the things I will do right in a day. I don’t over tax my day with expectations or disappointments. Life is too short.

    I prefer to feel like I feel, not like everyone else feels; especially if they are feeling low. There are ways to lift your spirits, and I tend to find those solutions. If I get stuck in a mood, I keep telling myself that mood will pass. And it usually does. The thought of slowly down to a crawl is not one I entertain for long, but I will crawl until I can get up on my feet and walk. Personally, I don’t understand how the word “perfect” and “mess” jibe in the same sentence.

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  2. I adore oxymorons and “perfect mess” suits me just fine! lol NEVER EVER try for perfection. it simply doesn’t exist. It is an advertising ploy to get you to try the newest whatever they are trying to sell…….

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  3. I know one of those “perfect” people you wrote about. Made beautiful pastries but never ate them so she could keep her perfect weight. Hair perfect, outfit perfect, marriage perfect (well maybe not but I don’t think she noticed!). We were pregnant at the same time and of course she delivered ON HER DUE DATE! Perfect. I may not be perfect – or even close – but I do have a good time enjoying my messy life. Fun post!

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