The Other 90%

41 years. That is how long I have been on this earth. 41 wonderful, brutal, sometimes drama filled, adventourous years.

Wow…. I seem so old when I see that number in black and white.


I have lived through and survived:

4 decades
6 different Presidents
Almost 11 Presidental Elections
Bell Bottoms, Parachute Pants, and Jams.
Iran Contra
2 Gulf wars
and the Kardashians. (This one almost killed me!)

When I was young I had BIG plans. I was going to be the first female Space Shuttle Commander in space through the week, and a BIG Broadway star on the weekends. (Don’t judge me… you had your crazy 12 year old dreams as well!)

I never in a million years had a Vision for the life I now lead at the age of 41. I thought the goals and dreams I set at the age of 12 would be set in stone. Little did I know, that I was just catching a glimpse of a very small slice of life.

As a youngster I had a vision of what life was supposed to be:

Married after college
Successful career
2.5 kids
A beautiful ranch style house with a 2 car garage
Weekend BBQ’s with the neighbors

 Isn’t that the American dream?

However…here is my reality:

Single (and totally content that way)
Doing a job that doesn’t require much skill or energy
A dog instead of kids
 Living in a small townhouse
And I don’t tend to care for the majority of my neighbors

The dream of becoming an astronaut died when I realized I didn’t care much for flying. While I totally could have made it on Broadway, I totally can’t live that hungry artist lifestyle.

If someone would have told the younger me that I would teach 5 year olds for 15 years, I would have called you a liar. Then if you turned around and told me that after those 15 years I would walk away and start all over in accounting….I would have totally laughed hysterically at you.

 In my 41 years I have made a lot of mistakes.  ALOT. I have had to go through things I thought I would never have to endure, and there were times I would make it through. But there have also been some AMAZING times that make each and every obstacle and failure worth it.

So I am a 41, single gal, who’s diet consists of cereal and peanut butter, and treats her dog like she’s a human, and still sits at the kids table sometimes.

It’s not the life I thought I would have when I was 12 years old, but you know what… it’s better. My failures, disappointments, successes, and detours have all made me who I am RIGHT NOW…. and who I am is pretty awesome.

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