Dear Me, I’m Sorry

Dear 21 year old Me,

Greetings from the future. Don’t freak out or be scared. I promise this is not some reaction to all the Krispy Kreme donuts you are currently eating. I am currently 20 years ahead, and am writing to offer you an Apology and some sound advice.

First off, I want to start off by apologizing for your current hair cut.  I am not sure what kind of phase it is you are going through right now, but don’t worry! It grows out nicely!

I am sorry for the decision we made to hang out with Becky McCamey all day at the pool without wearing sunscreen…OUCH! Not sure if you’ll ever forgive me for that one.

I deeply apologize for eating that whole apple pie when we were 12, causing us to get deathly sick, and never able to enjoy another piece of apple pie…EVER.

I am sorry we thought that boy who asked us out in 11th grade was a dork and we didn’t go… GIRL…. you should see him now at 41!  You are probably going to hate me FOREVER!

I’m sorry that taking care of yourself has not been a priority. Don’t worry…that will soon change. You are going to HATE it, and there are times you may feel like you are going to die, but never fear… .You are going to come out looking AMAZING!

I am perhaps the most sorry about the fact you feel scared and unsure right now. Some very big changes are getting ready to happen in in just a few months. Everything you know is going to be topsy turvey. I am afraid I let our fears get out of control. For a good while now, I have been looking to my self for understanding and strength.  Because of this, you are going to miss out on some really cool stuff. BUT don’t panic! In a few years, you will come to realize that your fears are just stepping stones…not obstacles.

Sadly, you are going to burn a few bridges. I think this is the one thing I am the most sorry about. Walking away, while seemingly easy,  is never the answer. You will cause suffering and suffer greatly yourself because of this. I am so sorry for being so weak. But know that you don’t stay that way….you only get stronger.

The next 20 years are going to be crazy. There are times you are going to feel like you are on a roller coaster.  You are going to be a little cocky, a whole lot sassy, and extremely humbled. Sometimes you are going to feel on top of the world, and other times like you were just tossed in the gutter. You are going to have great success, and yes… great failure.  CHERISH each and every one of those moments… even the rough times. Those are the times that are going to make us strong.

Well, I gotta go. The 41 year old you has a real job, with a real boss, and he just came back from lunch and that means my break is over.

Take Care, and Enjoy the Ride!

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