Miss Brown Thumb

Ahhh… Sweet Spring. When flowers and gardens bloom in colors of red, yellows, pink, and purples. The fresh scent of their fragrance fills the air around you. Each year I dream of having a beautiful garden of flowers.

While this is my dream…….

This is my reality……

Getting flowers to Flourish is a skill I do not encumber. Once a sweet bloom has been placed into my care it has roughly 3 weeks until it’s death. The reality is harsh, but true.

For years I watched in awe and wonder as my Mother and Grandmother had BEAUTIFUL flower gardens. Each spring, they effortlessly created flowery masterpieces in our front and backyards. I loved seeing all the colors and full blooms.

Once I went off to live on my own, I was sure I could do the same thing. It all started with a small little rose bush. I think I had Rosy a total of 4 weeks until she met her tragic end. One day she was full of wonderful miniature pink roses, the next…she looked as if she had spent a year out in the Arabian Desert.

Surely this was a fluke… surely I possessed the same skill as the other women in my family. I mean my mother had a 150 year old fern for Pete’s sake! How hard could this be?

My next 4 attempts at plant and flower life failed. My mother even gave me a bonsai cactus that was supposed to be indestructible. It lasted 2 weeks.

I just couldn’t handle the responsibility of being a plant parent.  Sure I watered it… every 10 days or so. Sure I fed it 2 cups of plant food in one sitting. Sure I left it out in the scorching sun for countless days. What was the issue?

It didn’t take long to realize I was not “mature” enough to keep something else alive. In fact, it was a miracle I kept myself alive.

I have recently learned that relationships are a lot like keeping flowers. You have to keep them fed, watered and pruned in order for them to grow. Neglecting to do so will cause in  withering and certain death.

Sometimes I get busy with…well…ME. My plans are important. My time is the most valuable. My needs are above everyone else’s. I am thankful I have some friends who are awesome relationship gardeners who help me see that I have to nurture these relationships if I want them to thrive.

Don’t neglect those around you. Don’t get so wrapped up in self that you don’t notice the weeds and brown leaves that try to take over. Spend time nurturing those relationships that are most important to you. In doing so, you will find yourself surrounded in rich, colorful blooms.

Now, where did I put that watering can….?

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5 thoughts on “Miss Brown Thumb

  1. I too am a plant killer. I don’t have a clue why I kill them I just do…except for one plant that I have been attempting to kill for the past twelve years. It is a “mother-in-law’s tongue” otherwise known as a snake plant. It was given to me by a sister in law that I simply can not bear and it reminds me daily of how much I would love to slap her silly and get away with it. I have poured coffee (still hot and without sugar or cream) into it, I have dumped old cleaning water in…ya know, straight from the bucket with lysol in? yea.I have tried killing it with kindness (wayyyy too much water) and ignoring it to death (no water for a month)..i have shoved it into a dark closet for two months and it just keeps living! sigh…………oh yea, nice post! lol

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  2. Oh wow, I too have a brown thumb. Unable to take care of my own garden but how I love to walk by and see the garden that others have created. What a way to tie in taking care of the relationships that you have in your life. Both take time and the beauty that you find in both are amazing. One day I hope to have my own flower garden.

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