Brick By Brick

Patience is a virtue I was not blessed with. If you were to look up impatient in the dictionary here is what you would see:

Impatience eagerly awaiting her dinner, but dude won’t stop taking pictures.

I can’t stand waiting….on anything. I expect instant results at the very snap of my fingers. Somewhere along the way I have become spoiled and well…BRATTY.  I REFUSE to abide by the old Heinz Ketchup slogan…. “The best things come to those who wait.”

What happens more times then not is…I jump the gun. I get too anxious, too impatient, and I act too soon.

Just last night I was starving and was getting extremely impatient on my George Forman to cook my chicken tenders.  Of course I pulled them off too soon, only to find them half done.

And this morning, I couldn’t wait for the dryer to finish drying my pants, so I pulled them out after just about 10 minutes. Let’s just say I am currently wearing wet pants.

One would think after jumping the gun only to be shot down continually, I would learn my lesson….Clearly I don’t have that smart gene either. 🙂

I love football. I REALLY love SEC football. And I REALLY REALLY love my University of Tennessee Volunteers football. After making the decision to get rid of our seasoned and well loved Coach a few years back (still bitter), we have gone through a very rough and, sometimes very sad, couple of seasons.  Three coaches and a lot of rain, later….we finally found our silver lining.


Coach Butch Jones came to Tennessee 3 years ago, when our program was at ROCK BOTTOM. Some of you may not understand, but here in the South, SEC football is just behind Jesus. If you are not cheering for your favorite SEC team…then you ain’t Southern.

We are THAT serious.

After one coach bailing in the middle of the night, and another who was just… well… strange…Coach Jones was left with a lot of rubble to pick up. No longer were the VOLS an SEC powerhouse team. They were a joke.

At the very first Press Conference Coach Jones gave he knew people would be after him with questions like,  “How long till we are on top again?” and “How many games you gonna win for us?” Instead of giving the answers he knew the press and the fans wanted, he gave a simple three word statement.


The statement was an honest one. Coach Jones knew success does not come overnight. It takes time… it takes dedication… it takes PATIENCE. When building a solid foundation you don’t slap the bricks any old way… no.. you meticulously place each Brick in a way that makes the structure strong and sturdy.

Butch’s strategy has paid off in HUGE dividends. Each season the team gets better and better and now after just 3 years, we are set to contend for the SEC title this year. It takes patience to build a dream.

Who knew that football could give a life lesson?

I will probably always struggle with being impatient. My spastic and wild personality is not wired for anything but, however, since hearing Coach Jones make his statement over three years ago, I have attempted to put BRICK BY BRICK into practice.

There are many mountains I want to climb. I am ready to get out and climb them right now, however, I would fail miserably and probably die if I were to do that right now. Slowly and methodically I am building myself up to bigger and longer hikes. Each day I am getting there….

Brick by Brick


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