Giving Up Adulting

Have you ever wanted to get to a particular Phase of your life only to say… “This sucks!”?

When we are little we can’t wait to start school, however a few years in and we realize… school is hard.

Then we can’t wait to turn into teenagers…. again… no one tells us how awkward we will be during this phase.

You can’t wait to turn 16 so you can drive off wherever you want… little do you know that you will suddenly become chauffer to your annoying little sister and errand girl for your mother.

And then…. you can’t wait to grow up and be an adult! You can buy your own clothes, not have to answer to mom and dad, stay up as late as you want, and have money!….In the biggest lie of all no tells you that you’ll wear the same clothes over and over, you beg for your parents advice, you do good to stay up past 8pm, and there is NEVER enough money!

Being an adult I think is the most overrated phase we go through. There are so many fun things I still want to do, but as I set out to do them, I remember, “CRAP! I have a job!”

I mean, I would love to sit on my couch all day, eating Lucky Charms out of a mixing bowl, watching cartoon network all day long. But NOOOOOOOO….. I have to go and be a productive member of society, pay taxes and all that mumbo jumbo.

When I taught school, I was not the teacher standing on the sidewalk during playtime. I was out there playing red rover with kids. Of course that had to stop the last time I clotheslined a kid….yeah, parents tend to frown on that.

This past weekend while hiking in the rain, I crossed at least a 1000 mud puddles. You can bet your pension, that I splashed and jumped through each and everyone. Upon entering the waffle house later that evening I got several nasty glances from the patrons as I entered wearing my mud splashed clothes.

Why does everything need to be SO serious? Why is weird that I like to skip out of work on Friday’s, or wear colorful bows in my hair? And what about naptime?????????  Why do we stop taking them as we get older? I know several co-workers who greatly benefit from a nap time each and everyday after lunch! For the good of the company I have suggested this and been shot down….twice.

Adulting is hard. But it doesn’t need to be a drag…. live a little. Tell a couple of corny knock knock jokes every now and then.  Go play outside…jump ropes and bicycles just aren’t for 10 year olds. Grab yourself a box of crayons and cheap coloring book from the Dollar General… I dare you to color a picture and hang it on your fridge! And NEVER EVER take yourself too seriously….. Sometimes you just need to be your Super Hero alter ego.



5 thoughts on “Giving Up Adulting

  1. This is brilliant! Don’t ever change, Haha Actually, the super hero alter ego thing sounds like a great idea! I think there is even a TED Talk on that 😉

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