No Sense

Maybe it is the red hair. Maybe it is the way I was raised. Maybe it was because I was dropped on my head when I was two years old. Whatever the reason, it can’t be helped.

I’m just a little sassy…..and if there is one thing I can’t stand…. it is stupidity.

Nothing makes me more Angry then just plain ole ignorance. People who jump to conclusions, think they are experts on EVERYTHING, and totally forget to use common sense.

For example… I live in the South. We are often thought of in two ways…. Gone with the Wind or Beverly Hillbillies. It amazes me the amount of people who think we either live in grand houses on a gorgeous Plantation, or we eat Possum and squirrel every meal. We are thought ignorant, backwards, or unsophisticated because our accents are a little wacky and we don’t always use “proper” English.

We are actually an intelligent and cultured people. Yes, we might use a double negative in conversation, and NO we can’t drive in snow, and yes we like to grow and hunt our own food. But we are smart, can work technology, AND when the Zombie apocalypse takes over you’re going to want our big trucks and rifles. Just sayin.

Of course there are the everyday things that get me all riled up as well:

  • People who take 20 minutes to use the ATM machine: Seriously, this is NOT rocket science. Get out your card, punch in your number, tell it how much you want. Remove said amount. Move your car out of my way. See? Easy.
  • People who have 1,500 items in their shopping cart, when I have 2: Let me in front. Why should I have to wait 30 minutes for you to find your discount card, unload your items, and search your wallet for your debit card?  Give a gal a break!
  • Cashiers who can’t make change: I recently ordered an iced coffee and the total was $2.51.  I paid with $3.01 so I could get two quarters back instead of $.49. Pretty simple huh? Nope. The poor cashier went into freak out mode and it took 10 minutes to explain why I had given her the penny. These are the people who want $15 an hour and who will one day be running the country when I am old. BE AFRAID.
  • People who wear pajama’s in public: Going into Walmart is stressful enough. I should not have to be subjected to your pajama bottoms that are too long, and nasty from the fact you have worn them 3 days straight. Hey, I am all about comfort, but let’s get real. If I am going to be in my pajamas, I am going to be in my house curled up on my sofa with a book.
  • People who do not discipline their children: As a former teacher this one REALLY gets my goat. I should not have to parent YOUR children when I am shopping at the grocery store. You should be the one telling your child not to climb the shelf reaching for Oreos, not me.

In a nutshell…. be smart. Don’t make silly assumptions, use common sense, and know how to make change. 🙂

9 thoughts on “No Sense

  1. I had a great aunt in Nova Scotia, I used liken her 😉 to a graceful southern bell. Her dainty parlor with polished cherry and tea and scones at 4pm for tea time. Great post, I agree on all points.


  2. I hear ya about the ATMs! Although I think it’s partly the machine’s fault because all it needs to ask is “What’s your PIN?” and “How much do you want?” If you have the money, it gives it to you; if you don’t it won’t. That’s why I get angry with the machine as well as the people who seem to think it will also sell them a mortgage!

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    • Exactly! However sometimes people drive up, and they spend 10 minutes looking for their card! Hello???? You should have that out BEFORE you get to the machine! Then they put the card in the wrong way when there is a picture right there showing you which way it goes in. Those machines are to blame as well. It asks me 15 questions before we even get to business. Alas….I survive. But just barely.


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