Never Hungry

“The Sky is the daily bread of the eyes”  –Ralph Waldo Emerson

That’s a pretty deep quote from a really smart old dude from back in the day. The 1800’s to be exact.  However, while profoundly deep, Emerson’s observation was also stunningly simple.

Each and every day we are blessed to see the big, endless, and spacious sky. Look at it from any direction, and it goes on seemingly forever.

Looking up and out into the vastness, it seems that the sky knows no end. It is like a magic road that can lead to ANYWHERE. The possibilities are limitless, and hope seems boundless.

Hope is what feeds our hungry spirits. As long as we have hope, we have life. When we lose hope, we lose our drive and our focus. The sky is a beautiful reminder that hope is ALWAYS there…. even if we can’t always see it.

The old adage, The Sky Is The Limit forever rings true. As long as I can see the sky…leading somewhere….I know that there is something else…..a hope for something more. It’s vastness and unending possibilities feed my adventourous spirit.

Even when it’s at it’s darkest, the sky offers me a way with a zillion glistening lights.

All I need to do it look up and I am instantly filled with excitement, anticipation, and wonder.

Isn’t it amazing and exciting to know that where you are is not all there is? Following the blaze of the sun by day and the twinkle of the stars at night, I can go ANYWHERE…..

If I just allow myself to be fed..



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