Enough Is Enough…..

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedom, it is because we destroyed ourselves.” Abraham Lincoln

Normally I shy away from controversial topics. It’s not because I am not passionate, unconcerned, or uninformed, but more because I have learned sometimes the strongest voices are the ones who may appear the weakest.

The times we are currently living in are scary. Very scary. Some days when I turn on the news, I silently pray… Please Lord come now. My fears and sadness are not just because of the violence and destruction I see, but also the ignorance that is displayed.

In the past year so much time has been spent arguing over a flag, where people will use the restroom, and who’s lives matter.  Fingers have been pointed, whole masses have been targeted and spat upon because of the actions of a few…not the whole.

We spend our time looking for someone or something to blame.

The President
The Christians
The LGBT Community
The Conservatives
The Liberals
The Republicans
The Democrats
The Whites
The Blacks
The weapons

However the one place we don’t EVER point the finger is at ourselves.

It’s much easier to blame those whose ideas and beliefs are different then our own. In doing so, we totally void ourselves of any responsibility.  Slowly and methodically we are becoming a broken nation.

We refuse to shop at a store because of media propaganda.
We think a certain skin color matters more then another
We think because someone doesn’t agree with us, they MUST be the enemy.
We let stupid issues, like where one pees become more important then more dangerous issues.

Each and every one of us holds responsibility.

We don’t get involved.
We jump to conclusions.
We judge a group of many based on the actions of a few.
We are ill informed.
We think since it doesn’t concern us… it isn’t really important.

Now, more then ever, is the time for us to stand together. United. Recognizing each other as fellow humans not a political group, certain race, or someone different then us. We must stand together and Rebuild our broken hearts.

Yes, I am a Christian.  No, I do not agree with the homosexual lifestyle. That goes against everything I know to be true. However, being a Christian, I am not called to judge or hate. I am called to LOVE. The actions of a few who call themselves followers of Christ have overshadowed the many who love all men. Regardless. My church preaches and teaches love. I hate the lifestyle…not the person living it.  Just because I don’t like what you do or how you live, does not mean, I don’t love and respect you as a human. If you hear of a church preaching anything other then love….that ain’t a church.  Having someone respect my views and opinions is equally as important.

Yes, I am a white, Southern woman. Yes, I love my Southern heritage. However, I also respect ALL humans…. despite race, ethnicity, or religion. ALL lives matter. I respect those in authority who have sworn to uphold the law. I love and respect the diversity of my fellow man. We are ALL important. God created us different so we could learn from each other. No life is more valuable then another.  We are ALL equally important and necessary.

Yes, I am a conservative. No, I did not vote for our current President. But I pray for him and will show him respect.  He and I differ on MANY views and opinions. That does not give me the right to criticize his character, intelligence, or loyalty. This man has the HARDEST job in this country. He CHOSE to do this. He KNEW it would not be easy. I fully believe he acts in the ways he thinks are best. I don’t agree with most of his policies, but as MY leader, I pray for him. I pray for God to keep him healthy. I pray for God to give him wisdom. I pray for him to make the hard difficult decisions.  Taking to social media to berate him, talk trash, and call names…. well…..that’s just stupid. My best strategy is prayer.

I have my opinions and beliefs and you have yours. We don’t have to be the same. But we do need to co-exist. Respecting each other as fellow humans, and citizens of this great country is of the utmost importance. Abraham Lincoln had that figured out years ago. He knew that when we stood divided, we made ourselves weak. Only together can we stay the course and protect each other.

Hate is ugly and it is real. It has penetrated our country in a deep and powerful way.

And WE are the ones to blame.

We waste time arguing over an ape being killed, who we go to the bathroom with, what store or business we are going to boycott next, and which political candidate is the worst.

We rant and Argue.

Ignore and Ban.

Grumble and Complain.

And then……….

The enemy comes in.

We don’t notice him until it’s too late.

I am the worst offender because sometimes it is easier to stay silent. But this is not the time for silence. It is not the time for name calling, finger pointing, or social media shaming.

No. This time….RIGHT NOW is the time we stand up and say NO MORE. We refuse to become any weaker. We refuse to become divided.

This is the time to take your neighbors hand…no matter it’s color, religion, or sexual orientation. Hold on tight. And together, look evil in the eye and say….

Enough is Enough.


10 thoughts on “Enough Is Enough…..

  1. Let’s shout it from the roof tops…”Enough is Enough!” What more can we take? Even change agents are throwing up their hands in disbelief and distress. But thankfully, we still have Hope. I’m counting on myself to stay steadfast, set the best example I can for the people that may look to me to be my highest and best. I can’t flip on the news, but I hear all about it anyways, so I know it’s not the paradise we’ve read about in the bible. I was speaking with a group of my seniors just the other day. If we think we’re scared, what pray tell are they? I suspect they know as I do, it won’t get too much worse. The earth itself won’t be destroyed. The people mucking it up may see another thing coming. When you mentioned ‘ignorance,’ you hit the nail on the head. We need to be retaught some things. What is good? What is bad? What is our highest and best? What is reality? What is true? What is false? Why are we here? To learn and grow people! And now…it’s time for a commercial break.

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