Just Bloom

A flower doesn’t think of competing with the flower next to it…. it just blooms.

How often have I gotten so ridiculously jealous over something another person possessed, that I wanted?  Probably too many to even count.

She makes more money than me.
She has a husband and kids.
He has the car I want.
She is faster then me.
He got the promotion over me.
She looks better in that outfit then I do.
He took the vacation I wanted.

There is always something to make me unsettled and unhappy.

There are times I am on top of the world and I am doing great. I have pushed, worked, and sacrificed and reached my destination……only to realize someone beat me to it. They did it faster. Cheaper. With more finesse.

Suddenly… I don’t feel so great about myself anymore.

Then I get jealous.

Two year old fit jealous.

Have you ever looked at a group of flowers? I don’t mean just give them a glance and say… “Those are pretty” and move on. I mean REALLY look at them.

They live in harmony. Working together to make a beautiful picture. There is no squabble over who has the best position. Who is getting the best sun. Whose pedals are the most glorious.

They just bloom. Right where they are. Being the best flower they each know how to be.

What if we were more like flowers?  We didn’t stress over who was skinner then us. Who makes more money then us. Who has more privileges then us. Who stands taller then us.

What if we just live life Natural. Free from worry and competition with our fellow man. Instead of making every moment a contest, we just bloomed. Being the best us…we know how to be.

Sometimes competing with others can wear us down. Our zeal and joy in life is crushed by yet another blow when we fill we don’t measure up.

But…what if we threw away the measuring stick?  What if I looked at those around me as other flowers rather then competitors? What if each day I chose to just be me?

I am always going to be short.
I am never going to be a swimsuit model.
I am never going to strike it rich.
I may never marry.
My hair is always going to be red.

As sad and dreary as that may seem…it’s really not. It is me and I accept it. There is SO much more to life then my size, weight, speed, hair color, bank account, or my relationship status.

I am healthy
I am independent
I have all my needs met
I do the things I enjoy doing
I am free to explore and seek adventure.

Life is not a race, fashion show, competition, or a game. We are all on this journey together. There is always going to be someone faster, smaller, larger, richer, and more desirable. However, these are not reasons for us to NOT live and be the best “US” we can be.

Don’t stress over who or what you are not. Focus on who and what you ARE. Stand tall. Stand beautiful.

Just Bloom.




7 thoughts on “Just Bloom

  1. WOW! I really dig your analogy with the blooming flowers. I ran into the quote the other day, and now I can think about it alongside your pretty flower image. For the most part, I’ve been so busy being me that I haven’t have much time to stress over what I don’t have that someone else has. I suppose I might do if it served me, but it simply takes up time and energy I’d rather gift to something higher and best for me. Oh I have a thought on occasion, but that part of me is loved up a little so it can simmer down quickly — reintegrate with the part of me that’s satisfied and blessed just to be the me in the situation I am in. My beloved Mother took us down to a deep part of the South once upon a time and we gave clothes and other necessities to families that had plastic for windows. There were girls my age (at the time) who had never seen a bra, but definitely needed one. I have kept that image in my mind all these years. I must tell you that was sobering. That picture pops up every time I even dare to think I’m not blessed as is. Just a mention and a memory!

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