The Good Stuff

“You will miss the best things if you keep your eyes shut.” Dr. Seuss

I love scavenger hunts. Yes, I am 41 years old, but I LOVE to go on the hunt for some object, prize, or treasure. There is just something thrilling to me about having a target and then painstakingly searching for it. Sometimes I have clues that guide me to what I am looking for, and sometimes I don’t even know what it is I  am seeking until I find it.

One of the most important aspects of a good scavenger hunt is keeping your eyes Open at all times. If you get distracted, groggy, or lazy….you’re going to miss out on what it is you are looking for.

Sometimes the search can get redundant and boring. We pass and encounter the same scenery again, and again, and again. We get frustrated that we don’t find our treasure quickly and we think that we are wasting our time.

But what if stop too soon? What if we shut our eyes to rest for just a minute?

We might just miss out on the good stuff.

Life can be a lot like a scavenger hunt.  We spend our days searching and dreaming for some wonderful new excitement. Each day we begin our journey, either into the unknown, or a familiar well traveled path. We start out in anticipation of what might await us….

A new opportunity
A better job
A new adventure
A new Love

But if the search takes too long….

We bail.

We shut our eyes.

We miss out.

As a result we might just pass out what it was we were looking for, or even miss something even better.

While in college, my friends and I would sometimes create scavenger hunts to do on the weekends to pass the time. Being broke, bored, and young, we thought we were genius for coming up with the idea.

On one particular hunt, the prize we were seeking was a  coveted free Blizzard coupon to the Dairy Queen.  We all eagerly went off to tackle the clues and find our prize.

It didn’t take long for me to solve the first set of clues quickly… I just knew I was in the lead and I would be able to gloat as I ate my FREE banana split Blizzard. However….the final clue threw me for a loop. I couldn’t crack it. I drove all over town searching…. wishing….praying for any sign. I finally gave up hope and went to the DQ to wait on the rest of the gang. I was the first one there and I had to wait a while. After about 35 minutes one of my friends showed up… walked right up to the counter and picked up the napkin dispenser. Guess what she picked up?

The coupon for the free Blizzard!

I had been sitting staring right at it for 35 minutes. My frustration and anger kept me from seeing what I sought was right in front of me.

Don’t we do that a lot in life? If something is hard, frustrating, or redundant we give up. We look away. We close our eyes. We miss out.

Keep your eyes open. I know that sometimes the scenery is the same each and every day, but maybe, just MAYBE, today is THE day that something will change. Don’t close your eyes just because you get tired. Keep looking….

The good stuff is waiting!




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